Anti-Odor Sink Drain Pipe


Anti-Odor Sink Drain Pipe
Anti-Odor Sink Drain Pipe


Anti-Odor Design
Our anti-odor sink drain pipe has 4-layer deodorant system: Deodorant inner core, water seal design, S-bend water seal design and silicone sealing plug. Above 4-layer measures can ensure that the sewer pipes will no longer stink.

Sturdy & Durable
Made of high quality ABS plastic, durable, long-term use, not easy to split. flexible and expandable corrugation design, adjustable for different shapes.

Anti-Drop & Easy To Clean
Visiblewater seal cup design makes you no longer worry about items falling from the sink to the sewer, and you can easily take it out. At the same time, it is also convenient for you to regularly clean up foreign objects to prevent clogging.

Easy To Install
The installation steps are simple, you just need to align the pipe interface with the drain and tighten it, and finally insert the drain pipe into the ground pipe. It can be done easily in 3 steps.

(1)Material: High quality ABS
(2)Size: 160 x 32 x 320/810 mm
(3)Weight: 176g
(4)Sewer Interface ≥ 32 mm ≥ all can be used

📦Package Include:
Anti-Odor Sink Drain Pipe * 1 PCS

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