Baby Whale Toy


Baby Whale Toy
Baby Whale Toy

Baby Whale Toy

“My son loves it so much I had to order 3, now bath time is better than ever”

– Vanessa M. 

✔️ Baby Whale Toy can spray water up to 10 INCHES!

✔️ Baby WhaleToy has FUTURISTIC LED LIGHTS that flash in different colors bringing all the joy and attention to your child.

✔️ Keep your kids entertained while having a bath! Say goodbye to boring bath time 👋

Just 3 Easy Steps To Get Started!

Spend Less Time Setting Up And More Time Playing! 

🐳 Open the battery cover using the screw driver provided.  

🐳 Install 3 AAA batteries (Not included) on the back of the toy.

🐳 Screw down the waterproof casing evenly. (Screw driver included)

🐳 Baby Whale Toy IS READY TO GO!

Making BATH TIME 10x Better! 👍

Surprise Your kids With The COOLEST & NEWEST Toy In Town! 

🐳 Baby Whale Toy will guaranteed put a smile on your babies face!

🐳 Very light water pressure (Safe for Children)



✔️ Baby Whale Toy has a waterproof casing with thickened sealing ensuring no water will get to the battery. 

Great SENSORY Training!

✔️ With just 3 AAA Batteries, Baby Whale Toy is ready to play! 

✔️ Their is no button needed for Baby WhaleToy because of its automatic sensor.

✔️ Get rid of those old squeaky dirty toys and replace it with something quick, easy & up to date. Baby WhaleToy.


🐳 Material: ABS Plastic (Safe for children)

🐳 Size: 3.5 Inches tall & 3.9 Inches wide

🐳 Weight: 6oz

🐳 Battery: 3 AAA batteries (Not included)

🐳 Package Size 4 x 3x 4in (Instructions included)

🎁 Popular gift for a Baby Shower, Birthday, and Christmas present.

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