❤️Contactless Breath Alcohol Tester 3


Contactless Breath Alcohol Tester
❤️Contactless Breath Alcohol Tester 3

❤️Contactless Breath Alcohol Tester 3

⚠⚠⚠Don’t take a chance after drinking⚠⚠⚠


PORTABLE DESIGN:This professional breathalyzer takes up little space and can be easily carried anywhere in your wallet or pocket. Great for weddings, parties, celebrations, or any other social activity, ensures safe driving after drinking.

ONE-BUTTON OPERATION: The professional alcohol detector is very easy to use, just plug in your phone, turn on your BAC and start testing. It’s that simple, and in 10 seconds your BAC results will be displayed in a bright light (only green lights are allowed for driving).

HIGH ACCURACY AND SENSITIVE : Professional Breathalyzer is equipped with a high-quality fuel cell sensor module for a long life and accurate results, Do not use the breath analyzer until it has been 20 minutes since the last drink, please wait at least 3 minutes to begin next test after the last test, it warned audio and video, warn you.

AUTOMATIC ENERGY-SAVING :Automatic energy saving: unplug from the phone charging port, 15 seconds after the automatic shutdown, saving power, can be tested more than 300 times.


(1)Material: ABS
(2)Size: 82 x 22 x 13cm
(3)Weight: 10g

📦Package Include:

Contactless Breath Alcohol Tester * 1 PCS

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