Foldable silicone sports bottle


Foldable silicone sports bottle
Foldable silicone sports bottle

Foldable silicone sports bottle

Do you believe that your water glass is only five centimeters high and that you can carry it in your bag anytime, anywhere? It can realize this idea!

Do you need a portable high-value water bottle that can be used in any scene for leisure or fitness sports? It can make your wish come true!

Product parameters

Brand: OEM
Product name: folding cup
Material: PP, food grade silicone
Color: eucalyptus green, gray, pink, turquoise
Capacity: 600ml
Product size: bottle height 22.5cm, bottle cap height 2.5cm, cup body diameter 7cm, cup mouth radius 2.4cm
Folded size: 5cm
Product net weight: 140g
Cup body can withstand temperature: -50 degrees -200 degrees
Cup lid can withstand temperature: 0-110 degrees
Service life: 3 years and above

Product description

【Mini Folding Cup】

Can be folded up to 20% of the original volume

【Original intention of research and development】

According to marine conservation organizations, plastics are found in more than 60% of seabirds and 100% of sea turtles. According to a recent Belgian study, Britons eat 11,000 pieces of plastic every year by consuming fish. Plastic pollution is not only harmful to the human body, but also threatens the safety of marine life. Today, we must do something when plastic waste is “running”.

【Mini Portable】

The volume is reduced by 80% after folding, and the thickness is only 5cm

【Lightweight cup body】

Reduce the burden of the bag, the lighter the better

【Folding art, full of three-dimensional sense】

The unique appearance will make you fall in love with it


The lid is made of food-grade PP material, which is easy to open and tightly sealed

【Food-grade silicone】

FDA testing and certification, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, BPA-free, soft, no cracking, no yellowing

Product and packaging display

Package includes

A collapsible silicone water bottle

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