Heatless Silicone Hair Curlers


Heatless Silicone Hair Curlers
Heatless Silicone Hair Curlers

Heatless Silicone Hair Curlers

Stop burning your hair! Throw away your curling iron and check out these Heatless Hair Curlers. Get fabulous loose waves, natural ringlets, or pin curls without heat.

Styles may come and go, but bounding, bouncy curls are timeless!

Curlers millions loved in the 50s and 60s are BACK with a modern twist! Simply wrap the hair around the stem and fold the top over! They create a variety of hairstyles – such as ringlets, curls, and beach waves with no heat damage!
The longer you leave the curlers in the hair, the tighter the curl.

Leave curlers in the hair for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. They are very soft, elastic, and will not make your head uncomfortable.

These Heatless Hair Curlers are heat resistant and can be used with a hairdryer as indirect heat to activate the curls more quickly! Apply your hair product or favorite hair spray will help the curls stay in all day.


Pure Hypoallergenic Silicone
No Heat or Chemicals required
So soft, you can Sleep in them
Machine Washable
Odorless, Heat resistant, and Non-Toxic (no BPA, DEHP, PVC, or Latex)
No pins, clips, or power outlets required
Easy-to-Use & Fun to Wear!
Suitable for hair types: 1a to 4c


Material: Hypoallergenic Silicone
Color: Blue, Pink
Length: 1.4″,1.6″

Heatless Silicone Hair Curlers


5 * Silicone Hair Curlers
or 10 * Silicone Hair Curlers
or 20 * Silicone Hair Curlers

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