Kawai delayed spray


Kawai delayed spray
Kawai delayed spray

The enhanced version of Kawai uses nourishing traditional Chinese medicine plant extracts, contains no anesthetic ingredients, has no side effects, and the test report and strong brand strength ensure the safety and reliability of the product. In addition, Kawai has won numerous awards and related qualification certificates, receiving a group standard medal for external delay agents.

  1. Spray it, and it works effectively. No need to wait, it quickly penetrates and easily responds to various “emergency combat situations.”
  2. Fight for one hour. The effect is visible and can effectively extend the duration of combat regardless of age.
  3. No side effects. All herbal extracts, natural, no additives, reject side effects.
  4. Bless your erection with valuable Chinese herbal preparations and revive the glory of men. It is valid for up to 6 hours.


 Kawai delayed spray

Package Includes: 1 x Kawai delayed spray

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