LIMETOW™ Black hair bubble shampoo


LIMETOW™ Black hair bubble shampoo
LIMETOW™ Black hair bubble shampoo

LIMETOW™ Black hair bubble shampoo

Product Feature:

Limetow Black hair bubble shampoo is perfect for white hairs since these shampoos help to prevent frizz as they hydrate and soften your hair, making it look natural.

  • Easy to Use

Apply on your wet hair and massage for 5-10 minutes so that the shampoo covers your whole hair and scalp, and rinse well. That’s it – you now have rich, shiny black hair.

  • Natural Ingredients

LIMETOW™ Black hair bubble shampoo

Unlike other chemical laden hair dye colors, this hair dye shampoo does not have harsh chemicals, while it also colors, cleanses, and conditions your tresses, all at once.

The Limetow Black hair bubble shampoo will soothe your scalp, foster healthy hair development, and maintain overall vigor.

  • For All Type

Suitable for all types of hair, including thick, fine and normal-density hair, as well as straight or curly hair textures. Effectively cover gray hair, you will no longer be affected by gray hair. Mild and non-irritating, nourish the scalp and supplement the nutrients needed by the hair.

  • Instant Effect and Long Lasting


LIMETOW™ Black hair bubble shampoo

“This has been the nicest color option I’ve used, easy to use, goes a long way, lasts a long time and only needs to touch up new growth. And I’ve colored my hair for many many years now, been to beauty school and this still is the best by far. This whole idea of colored shampoo is genius! Very quick and, because it goes on dry hair, not drippy and messy, massage it onto your hair. My hair color was very not dark brown when I started and I was wondering how an overall dye job would turn out. The answer to that is excellent.”

Tina Pressy, 38 years old


“Love that it lasts so much longer than regular hair color. It is easy to apply and the color is great. Makes your hair really soft as well. I am 27 years old and there are white hairs appearing. Used it to cover my white hair and I am truly satisfied with the results and product. It’s my first time using it and I would recommend it. A coworker of mine recommended it to me. I have used other similar shampoo hair colors and will only use this one now. The others left my hair so dry and still having to deal with damage from them. Will only use this one in the future. Best ever.”

Penny Jackson, 27 years old


How to Use:

Look no further than this Limetown Black hair bubble. Let your hair have a rich, deep color without harmful hair dyes.

LIMETOW™ Black hair bubble shampoo

  1. Start applying from the roots.
  2. Divide your hair roughly. Apply a large amount of foam from the hair roots and work through. Change sections as you apply. Use your finger tips, gently massage until hair is completely covered with foamy lather.
  3. Rub your hair gently so that the mixture seeps into the roots. Apply to the back easily. Leave for at least 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse your hair thoroughly

Packages Include: 1 X Limetow™ Black hair bubble shampoo

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