Magic Bubble Ball


Magic Bubble Ball
Magic Bubble Ball

Magic Bubble Ball

Every child needs the right distraction now!

Especially in these times when everyone is at home, you want to spoil your child extra. The Magic Bubble Ball is the solution. It is perhaps the most versatile indestructible toy that will hold your child all day long!

Magic Bubble Ball

✔️Bbreakable: This balloon is made of a special material called Xpandium. This is an extra strong material that is unbreakable and ideal for use by one or more children at the same time!

✔️Safe: Made without BPAs, PVC and latex. Sustainable and environmentally friendly!

✔️Reusable: This special balloon is easy to fill with air or water and can be used for any occasion. The gift for every season!

✔️Easy to use: The simple locking system makes it easy to take the balloon with you, fill it yourself and deflate it at any time. This makes the balloon extremely suitable to be transported in a backpack.

With the Magic Bubble Ball you will see a big smile on your child’s face in no time.

Don’t miss this! Due to the enormous demand in these noisy times, the range of the Magic Bubble Ball is very limited!

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