Mini Dinosaur Claw Machine Toy


Mini Dinosaur Claw Machine Toy
Mini Dinosaur Claw Machine Toy

Mini Dinosaur Claw Machine Toy

Enjoy Claw Game at Home!

You can play mini claw machines in the comfort of your own home! No batteries required to operate the toy. Really captures the vintage claw machine vibe, complete with joystick

Easy to Use

Control 3 levers(left/right, up/down, grab)to grab your prize-mini dinosaur! This retro toys is easy to open so you can reload it with the mini dinosaurs. Easy to set up and no batteries needed.

Family’s Game Choice

Turn this game into a family competition! Challenge each other and see who gets the most prizes before time stops. You will definitely lose track of time with our claw game toy.
Wonderful Gift Idea
 This mini claw machine toy is the best choice for small prizes, and birthday gifts.
 The prize is a dinosaur, which can be used as a trophy, each claw machine with 8pcs mini dinosaurs, successful attempts will be awarded prizes.
Exercise your child’s sense of accomplishment and control, think positively, encourage creativity, and build fine motor skills
Can control rotation, pressing, grasping, exercise baby hand-eye coordination
Each time you can grab a small dinosaur, put the slip to reach the drawer, pull open the drawer and enjoy the fruits of victory

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