Oveallgo™ SAFEGUARD Portable Deterrent Spray


Oveallgo™ SAFEGUARD Portable Deterrent Spray
Oveallgo™ SAFEGUARD Portable Deterrent Spray

Keep danger at bay –
with a Portable Deterrent Spray!

Deterrent spray is a self-defense tool that is designed to protect individuals from potential attackers. It is a lacrimator, meaning that it stimulates the eyes to produce tears. The main component of this is an oil known as oleoresin capsicum, which comes from plants in the genus Capsicum, including chili peppers.

The active ingredient is capsaicin, the same chemical that adds the characteristic heat to chili peppers. These sprays contain much higher concentrations of capsaicin than chili peppers.

When the spray comes into contact with a person’s eyes, it causes immediate eye closure, acute eye pain, and temporary blindness. Some people describe a bubbling or boiling sensation and severe discomfort. It can also cause a dry cough or wheezing, shortness of breath or an inability to breathe properly, throat burning, chest pain, gagging, a runny nose, gasping for air, panic, an inability to speak, dizziness, loss of consciousness, rashes, blisters, or burns on contact with the skin.

Why do we need it?

Deterrent spray is a popular self-defense tool that can be carried and used especially by women to protect themselves from potential attackers. It is a non-lethal weapon that causes temporary blindness, coughing, and choking when sprayed on an attacker’s face, giving the victim enough time to escape and seek help.

Women often carry these sprays in their purses or bags, making it an easily accessible self-defense tool. It is also effective against multiple attackers, as it can be sprayed in a wide arc, affecting multiple people at once. Also a good option for women who are not comfortable carrying a firearm or other lethal weapon.

However, it is important to choose the right type of pepper spray, keep it easily accessible, and familiarize yourself with its range and spray pattern to ensure your safety.


Haven’t used it yet but practiced trying it out and it stank up the room with the spray so I think it would really bother anybody who tried to harm me. I love the feature where you can take it off the keychain, it makes me feel safe knowing I don’t need to yank on my neck to defend myself.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Shannon Parsons, 27, Green Bay, Wisconsin


So I’ve had this for a while and never had to use it but the time came and it worked perfectly, I was at a good distance and the stream was strong, and also sent the man running screaming bloody ****** in tears through the streets. I’d say 10/10 hehe

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Leslie Owens, 32, Norfolk, Virginia


Stay safe and secure with the Oveallgo™ SAFEGUARD Portable Deterrent Spray, the perfect self-defense tool for any situation! This product contains a powerful substance, capsaicin—or Oleoresin Capsicum (OC)—a derivative of cayenne pepper. It causes temporary blindness and an excruciating burning sensation in the eyes and mouth that incapacitates attackers—allowing for a safe getaway. Despite its small size, this canister holds up to 25 bursts and has a decent 10-foot range to keep you farther from approaching attackers.

Product Features and Highlights:

Trusted by POLICE and Military worldwide, non-toxic, powerful, and fiery hot, this is among the best non-lethal stopping the attacker giving you time to flee to safety.

Self-Defense Tool: Can disable attacker right away

Convenient: Ergonomic grip for added aiming stability and precision. Always have it on hand with this portable key ring.

Easy to Use: Simply flip the lid and press down on the firing button for fast, easy, non-lethal protection.

Compact: Small size makes it easy to carry in your pocket, bag, or backpack.

Durable: Made of high-quality plastic that is built to last.

Stylish: Comes in a variety of colors to match your personal style.


  • Weight: 45 grams
  • Contents: 20ml
  • Size: 90*40mm
  • Colors: Pink, Sky Blue, White, Black

Package Inclusion:

1 x Oveallgo™ SAFEGUARD Portable Deterrent Spray

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