Round Pet Bed


Round Pet Bed
Round Pet Bed

Round Pet Bed


-Made of long plush, super soft and super warm.
-Comfortable touch, long plush hair, pets love to sleep on it.
-Bicolor with cute design, it is a nice looking bed.
-Portable and lightweight.
-Easy to clean and wash.
-Non-toxic material with no smell, pets will easily adjust to it.

-Material: Long Plush
-Color: 7 kinds.


1. Please allow 3-5 cm error due to manual measurement ,the size refer to the outside diameter of the pet bed including the long plush
2.Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration as the different placement of pictures.
3.The product maybe out of shape due to the long and heavy extrusion during the shipping, large bed, like 75cm/90cm may be more flat when you received.You can simply rub the extrued part a few times,and it will return to the normal shape.Or try to manually adjust the product shape.


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