Snow Off Car Windshield Protective Cover


Snow Off Car Windshield Protective Cover
Snow Off Car Windshield Protective Cover


Never struggle with 30 minute ice scraping anymore and protect your vehicle with this car windshield cover!


  • Must-Have Winter Windshield Cover
    A heavy-duty windshield cover featuring a superior multi-layer fabric that can easily tucks your car glass with maximum all day and night protection. It is specially made to withstand extreme weather and shield your windscreen from snow storm, fallen leaves, extreme sun heat, UV rays, rain, dust, debris, , and such. Preventing your vehicle from glass cracking, dirt accumulation, pre-aging, discolorations, overheating, and other damages. This cover also saves you from the troubles of scraping a pile of snow every morning during winter. Making your car well protected and always ready to go especially for those always on time crunch.

Snow Off Car Windshield Protective Cover

  • Non-Damaging Design
    This snow off windshield cover offers a pure ultra-smooth surface on both sides. Allowing it to perfectly protect your windshield without leaving unwanted damages like scratches and marks. The car protective cover is also perfectly lightweight to avoid it from causing strain on the windshield and getting loose from being weighed down. No worries as it does not also adhere to the glass even after a long time and exposure to sun heat.

  • Easy Application
    The protective car glass cover can smoothly enveloped your windshield in no time without the complicated steps anymore! Simply face out the black side of the cover during winter and the silver side during summer to protect accordingly. Once the cover is laid through the windshield, open the front side doors, fold the ear cover inside, fix the included sucker into position, secure the cover, close the door and done. You can also peel it off real quick and stuff it through your trunk so you can hit the road in a cinch.

Snow Off Car Windshield Protective Cover

  • Wide Application
    This car windshield cover provides an ample coverage size which can shield the entire front of any standard size car window. Keeping any snow, dust or sun rays from peeking through for an optimal protection. Suitable for different types of vehicles with the same windshield circumference, including sedans, SUVs, vans, minivans, and more possibilities.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, thickened polyester fabric with a remarkable snow resistant side and anti-UV surface side. It supplies an excellent long-lasting durability that can hold out against multiple years of windshield protections without wearing-off or damaging. Furthermore, this car cover won’t even saturate even through the coldest of wintertime and hottest of summer.


  • Dimensions (Overall): 55 inches (W) x 28 inches (D)
  • Weight: .22 pounds
  • Material: Polyester


  • 1 x Snow Off Car Windshield Protective Cover

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