Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring


Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring
Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

Take it from Paula Mitchell, 37, who shared her health and wellness journey with Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring!

Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

“I’ve been using the Thernov Ring for a few months now and have noticed a significant difference in my overall health. My body feels lighter, and I’ve lost a few pounds! My lymphatic system feels like it’s functioning better, and I feel more energized and healthy overall! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to jumpstart their health and wellness journey!”

What is Ionic Therapy?

Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

Ionic therapy uses negatively charged ions to balance the body’s positive and negative ions. Negative ions attach themselves to positive ions, such as pollutants and allergens, making them too heavy to remain in the air, reducing their harmful effects on the body. The therapy can promote overall wellness by enhancing energy levels, improving circulation, boosting the immune system, and even aiding in weight loss by helping to break down fats.

The discovery of ionic therapy can be traced back to Dr. Nikola Tesla, a Russian scientist who began experimenting with electrical currents and their effects on the body in the early 1900s. Tesla discovered the positive impact negative ions could have on health and well-being, leading to the development of the first ionic therapy devices. Today, the therapy is widely used in various settings, including spas, hospitals, and homes, to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness.

How does Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring work?

Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

The Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring is a sleek and innovative accessory that incorporates the concept of ionic therapy. By combining the therapeutic properties of negative ions and the power of magnetism, the ring is able to promote improved blood circulation, enhanced metabolism, and increased energy.

Its fully magnetized design, with an intensity of 55mT at 10-mm intervals, in an alternating North-South polarity orientation, allows the negative ions’ power to spread over a broad area from the finger loop. When worn on the skin, the ring comes in contact with the body’s energy channels, enabling the negative ions to release their energy and potentially realign any disrupted energy channels that may be obstructing the natural flow of the body.

Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

Improve Blood Circulation

The Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring is designed to promote blood circulation and enhance overall wellness. The ring’s advanced technology combines the therapeutic properties of negative ions with powerful magnetism, providing a holistic approach to balancing the body’s natural energy. By wearing the ring, the negative ions can release their energy and potentially realign any disrupted energy channels that may be obstructing the natural flow of the body, leading to improved blood circulation.

Experience Real Results in Just 10 Minutes with the Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin RingThernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

What makes Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring your great choice?

The Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring is a revolutionary accessory that combines the power of magnetism with the therapeutic properties of negative ions to enhance your overall wellness. Designed with advanced technology, this ring offers numerous unique benefits that set it apart from traditional magnetic products. Discover the exceptional features of the Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring that make it the ideal choice for enhancing your wellness:

✔️ Utilizes powerful IONIC therapy
✔️ Ring design allows for 10x faster element release
✔️ Effective in detoxifying the body
✔️ Can reduce excess lymph fluid by 60% in just 3 months
✔️ Helps unclog bloodstream and lymph nodes
✔️ Comfortable to wear during sports and other activities
✔️ Accelerates metabolism for improved weight loss
✔️ Provides a natural solution for lymphatic drainage and weight loss
✔️ Features a stylish and attractive ring design

More of our Happy Customers

Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

“I was skeptical about the detoxifying claims of Thernov, but after using it for a few weeks, I can say without a doubt that it works! Not only have I lost inches off my waistline, but I also feel so much better on the inside. I’m more alert, focused, and energized than I’ve been in years. I’m so grateful for Thernov for giving me a fresh start!”
– Alice Stewart, 33, Omaha, Nebraska
“After years of unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, I knew I needed to make a change. But I didn’t know where to start. That’s when I found Thernov. It’s been a game-changer for me! I’m down several dress sizes and feel like a brand new person. But more importantly, I’ve learned to love my body and treat it with the respect it deserves. Thank you, Thernov, for helping me on this journey!”
– Laura Ellis, 29, Plano, Texas


  • Material: Copper & Zircon
  • Color: Silver
  • Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Weight: 5.5g

Package Includes:

  • Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

Thernov™ Detoxifying IonSpin Ring

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