⚡PowerFeet®️ Heel Pain Relief & Body Metabolism Improving Insoles


⚡PowerFeet®️ Heel Pain Relief & Body Metabolism Improving Insoles

PowerFeet is a type of insole designed based on ergonomic principles for people suffering from body pain. It has been certified by the FDA and APTA. It mainly utilizes the physical therapy of far infrared and magnetic therapy to help promote blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and improve body metabolism, alleviate physical fatigue and inflammation. It effectively treats conditions such as plantar fasciitis, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, obesity, joint pain, and more.

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After interviewing some PowerFeet customers, many have noticed that they no longer have pain and swelling

Rebecca from San Francisco, California has achieved amazing results in treating plantar fasciitis and weight loss!


“I work in the food and beverage industry, where I have to stand for long hours, approximately 10 hours a day. I underwent foot surgery back in 2015. However, in the past few months, I started experiencing recurring foot pain and swelling, which worsened over time. To alleviate the pain, I would soak my feet in hot water every evening after work.

It was not until I consulted a physical therapist who suggested trying PowerFeet! On the very first day of using it, I noticed a significant relief in the pain. After two weeks, my foot pain completely disappeared, and the swelling in my legs subsided. I can now work more comfortably, and to my surprise, I have also noticed an improvement in my body’s metabolism and overall physique.”—-Rebecca in San Francisco,California

“I developed severe varicose veins due to the demands of a sedentary job for long hours. I felt very frustrated and low self-esteem because the swelling and spider veins in my legs were seriously affecting my quality of life. While searching for a treatment, I decided to try PowerFeet Energy Insole. after 4 weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the symptoms of varicose veins were almost invisible in my legs and the swelling and pain were completely gone. PowerFeet Energy Insole gave me hope and confidence and I will continue to use it to restore my leg health.”—-Avery in Columbus,Ohio

            Why is PowerFeet effective?

Magnetic Therapy

——Promote blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification

A report from the U.S. National Institutes of Health states that magnetic fields can affect the flow of ions within cells and the permeability of cell membranes, thereby affecting cell metabolism, inflammatory responses, and immune system function, among other things, achieving the goal of treatment and symptom relief.

The PowerFeet energy insoles contain a small but 10x stronger magnetic system that uses the pulse effect of the magnetic field to positively affect all components of the microcirculation of lymphatic system and blood flow. It can significantly reduce swelling, pain and inflammation in the legs.

Negative magnetic fields heal by alkalizing tissues and releasing oxygen from a bound state back to a molecular state. By restoring tissues to a normal, healthy state, negative magnetic fields can control energy restoration, alleviate inflammation, swelling, acidosis, and accelerate healing.

Far infrared

——Promote cell proliferation and new metabolic rate

Far infrared rays can penetrate deep into the human skin and tissues, generating heat and biological effects that promote blood circulation, metabolism, and cellular function. It can also stimulate fat cells to release fatty acids and glycerol, which are then consumed by the body, thereby achieving weight loss goals.

The combination of PowerFeet energy insoles and far-infrared technology utilizes the latest scientific advancements to generate far-infrared rays, which improve blood circulation and alleviate pain and swelling. The insoles are also designed for a comfortable fit, reducing pressure and pain in the feet.

In addition to reducing fat and relieving pain and swelling, this PowerFeet insole can provide you with better comfort and a healthier experience in your daily life, whether you are exercising or working for a long time.

PowerFeet energy insoles have been clinically proven to provide assistance in:

 Treat pain and swelling at the root immediately – your feet
✅ Promote blood and lymphatic circulation in the body;
✅ Improve body metabolism and detoxification functions.
✅ Clinically proven to reduce body swelling and inflammation
✅ Clinically proven to relieve plantar fasciitis causing heel pain
✅ Clinically proven to relieve osteoarthritis pain in knees, feet, and hips
✅ PowerFeet technology helps absorb shock – reducing impact with every step

Check out the feedback from other users after using PowerFeet energy insoles:

“Due to my job, I developed foot arthritis, which severely impacted my life. However, my life took a turn when I discovered this product. The most remarkable thing about using this product was that it not only effectively relieved my inflammation and pain but also treated my thumb deviation. Now, I feel healthier and more energetic in my body.”—–Ethan in Kennisaw, Georgia, Postal Worker

Hank’s 8-week varicose vein elimination journey with the help of PowerFeet energy insoles:

I work as a porter and 1 year ago I developed varicose veins, as my legs were often painful and swollen due to long hours of standing work. I had tried different methods to relieve this discomfort such as wearing leggings and medication but none of them had any significant effect. I started looking for a more effective solution until a friend of mine recommended PowerFeet Energy Insoles to me.

When I tried on the PowerFeet Energy Insoles, I couldn’t help but feel curious and anticipatory. However, when my feet hit the insole, I was completely overwhelmed by it. It was the most comfortable insole I have ever worn and gave me a feeling of support and comfort like I have never felt before. The pain and heaviness in my legs was also relieved in an instant. Even standing at work every day, I no longer feel tired because my circulation has increased and my twisted varicose veins are fading away.

After a few weeks, I noticed that my varicose vein symptoms had almost disappeared. I am grateful for this PowerFeet Energy Insole, which has restored my health and given me a better understanding of my body. I decided to continue using this insole to help me prevent the reoccurrence of my varicose vein problem and I will also recommend this product to my friends in the hope that they will benefit from it as well.


●Q: What types of shoes can you use these in?
●A: Basketball shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, formal shoes and work boots/shoes.

●Q:Do PowerFeet energy insoles have adhesive sticking inside the shoes?
●A: No, these energy insoles have no adhesive. They can be switched between different pairs of shoes.

●Q:How long do they last?
●A:Generally, they can be used for more than two months, but it is generally recommended to purchase 2-3 pairs of orthotics in order to make it easier to change them and not affect the treatment results.

●Q:Is there an age limit? Does it work for everyone?
●A:Yes, there is no age limit and it works for everyone. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for ineffectiveness.

●Q: Where is it made? How long does it take to arrive?
●A: Made in the USA, PowerFeet is based in California. We ship worldwide at our. We have warehouses in Canada, Australia, UK, and countries in the European region. It usually takes 5-7 business days to be delivered.

●Q:How do you clean them? Can you put them in the washing machine?
●A:Wash them in warm water. Do not machine wash

●Q:Do I need to remove the insoles of my shoes and replace it with this insole?
●A:Yes, you’d better remove it.

⚡PowerFeet®️ Heel Pain Relief & Body Metabolism Improving Insoles
⚡PowerFeet®️ Heel Pain Relief & Body Metabolism Improving Insoles
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