đŸ”¥Stone Nano Crystal-Plating Agent


đŸ”¥Stone Nano Crystal-Plating Agent

Having products formulated specifically to clean natural stone is critical.

Reject all kinds of marble wear, oil stains, blackening, dullness and other problems.


· Safe For Everyday – Perfect for Everyday Cleaning

Removes dirt, dust, spills, and grease from your sealed granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces

· Clean and Tidy – Streak Free

Safely removes grease, grime, and watermarks without leaving behind streaks

· Strong Protective – Long-lasting Polishing

Our pH-balanced formula will keep your stone’s seal from deteriorating, Keep your stone shiny for a long time.

· Good Water Repellency – Don’t Penetrate Stains

After plating,  a protective film is formed and the surface has a water-repellent effect that is impermeable. Oil and Smudge Resistant and easy Scrub.

· For Use On – Sealed granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, tile and Solid wood furniture…


Before construction, it is necessary to clean up the stains on the surface of the construction site, remove wax, and remove oil, and then carry out construction, otherwise the final effect may be affected.


  1. Clean the surface site and keep it dry;

  2. Drop the crystal plating agent on the towel, apply it in small parts locally, and wait for it to dry naturally after smearing;

  3. It can be used in superposition, repeat step 2, and superimpose the plating crystal to increase the hardness (the superposition needs more than half an hour interval);

  4. Don’t touch the water within 24 hours of the crystal plating, and it can be transparent and bright when it is naturally air-dried;


  • Composition: Nano Silicone

  • Use area: 1 bottle can be painted 3~5m

  • Capacity: 100ml

  • Product color: transparent

  • Shelf life: 3 years (unopened) Protection time 3~5 years

  • Storage method: Cool and dry place

  • Scope of application: It is widely used for brushing the surface of stone, marble, quartz stone, ceramic tile, and other products to form a protective layer of crystal plating on the surface.

  • Package includes: 1*Marble Nano Crystal-Plating Agent

đŸ”¥Stone Nano Crystal-Plating Agent
đŸ”¥Stone Nano Crystal-Plating Agent
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