3D Freeze Display


Showcase your treasures in style with our floating display cases – where your cherished items take center stage.
Revive your passions and give new life to your cherished belongings.


The 3D freeze display also protects your valuables from most air, moisture, and dust. The case also protects your delicate items from friction and collisions during transportation.

Reusable material Made of strong ABS plastic and transparent highly elastic TPU film, with a double-sided 3D floating effect. TPU  film will be deformed after use, but it can be restored with a hot hair dryer.

Elevate Your Collection With The FreezeDisplay

  • Crystal-clear, high-quality TPU  film for unparalleled transparency
  • Showcase vintage action figures, rare coins, or delicate jewelry with precision
  • Unmatched clarity to let intricate details shine through without distortion
  • Durable material stretches to accommodate various collectibles
  • Make your collection displays rock with our TPU Film Display Boxes

Turn your unused treasures into the perfect gift & decoration

✔️ Plastic membrana holds the item without damaging the piece!
✔️ Easy to display and put together
✔️ Awesome stretch
✔️ Able to reopen several times & reuse

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3D Freeze Display
3D Freeze Display
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