AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace


AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace
AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace

How does our lymphatic system function?

AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace

The lymphatic system is an integral component of the immune system. It maintains the body’s fluid equilibrium and protects it against infection. Lymphatic vessels (lim-FAT-ik), tissues, organs, and glands collaborate to remove lymph, a watery fluid, from the body.

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, blood arteries, and organs that return lymph, a colorless, watery fluid, to the bloodstream. These nodules enlarge in reaction to an infection due to an accumulation of lymphatic fluid, bacteria, or other immune cells and organisms. Understanding the lymphatic system provides insight into the body’s extraordinary capacity for self-care. The following are its functions:

  • Maintains fluid equilibrium within the body
  • Absorption of fats from the gastrointestinal system 
  • Transport and elimination of waste toxins and aberrant lymphocytes.

AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace

One of the most prevalent lymphatic illnesses is lymphedema. The accumulation of tissue fluid generally eliminated from the body obstructs the lymphatic system. Lymphedema most commonly affects the arms and legs and can be extremely painful, disfiguring, and immobilizing.

Studies demonstrate that Self-heating technology improves lymph drainage.

Medical College of Wisconsin researchers found that thermogenic self-heating technology could help treat lymphatic conditions. The study involved 55 patients with stages II and III lymphedema. Clinical trial results showed that the self-heating technology reduced fluid, fat, hyaluronan, and protein buildup, thus improving edema. The researchers concluded that electromagnetic waves combined with thermal heat could be utilized with conservative and non-invasive lymphedema treatments.

AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace uses advanced graphene fiber, a substance known for its cancer detection and treatment capabilities. The socks’ outstanding thermal heat conductivity enables the activation of self-heating technology upon wearing, producing heat, and releasing Far Infrared elements. These elements improve blood circulation, break down fat cells, and facilitate the body’s detoxification process. As a result, the body can efficiently eliminate toxins, excess fat, and waste, leading to beautifully sculpted and toned thighs.

How does AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace work?

AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace

The heat therapy provided by AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace is a safe and non-invasive method that focuses on fat tissue using thermal energy. Applying heat selectively targets adipose tissue, which is more susceptible to heat than other tissues. 

This ensures that fat cells can be addressed without harming the surrounding skin and tissue. Liquefying fat cells occurs at a lower temperature, preventing damage to nearby areas and minimizing potential injury. The therapy’s positive effects allow the liquefied fat to be naturally eliminated through metabolic processes.

The AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace harnesses the power of self-heating technology to stimulate enhanced blood circulation. Utilizing thermal energy facilitates improved blood flow throughout the body, potentially benefiting crucial physiological functions like hormone and metabolism regulation, digestive processes, and adipose tissue management. Moreover, there is a belief that this technology might aid in the subconscious detection of localized physiological issues, thus supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

What makes AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace special?

AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace

  • Battery-free operation
  • Efficiently melts fat cells and tightens the skin
  • Eliminates varicose veins
  • Reduces 85% of excess lymph fluid in just 2 months
  • Clears blood vessels and lymph nodes
  • Swift and non-invasive
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Ergonomically designed with breathable air fabric
  • Effective for fat and weight loss


Package Includes: 1 x AcuKare™️ HeatRelief Acupressure Knee Brace

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