ADFIRE Detoxifying and Dampness-Dispelling Super Patch


ADFIRE Detoxifying and Dampness-Dispelling Super Patch

“Paste” Your Body!

The key solution to expelling ‘dampness’ from the body and improving the internal environment: ADFIRE Super Patch

In Oriental medicine, the navel is considered a crucial acupoint closely associated with the body’s Qi and blood circulation as well as organ functions. Certain herbal ingredients might be used in navel patches to enhance blood circulation, warm internal organs, alleviate muscle pain, and soothe bodily discomfort.

The ADFIRE Super Patch offer a range of remarkable benefits. The herbal active ingredients contained in the patches possess impressive ‘dampness expulsion‘ properties, alleviating the discomfort caused by dampness in the body. While expelling dampness, it helps eliminate toxins from the body, enhancing the body’s self-purification abilities and reducing bodily discomfort. It also improves blood circulation, enabling the body to maintain its temperature more effectivelyespecially in cold environments.

Moreover, our Super Patches enhance blood circulation, positively impacting your weight management journey and significantly reducing fat accumulation. Improved blood circulation supports the transportation of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, promoting metabolism and overall energy expenditure.

Additionally, an essential magnetic heating layer is incorporated – stimulating acupuncture points with far-infrared radiation.

This super patch is equipped with advanced far-infrared acupuncture magnetic points, specially designed to stimulate specific acupuncture points precisely through far-infrared technologyThis far-infrared energy, combined with magnetic fields, accelerates the penetration of herbal ingredients. Far-infrared rays penetrate the skin’s surface and reach deep into the acupuncture points, activating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Not only do they stimulate acupuncture points and enhance blood circulation, but they also amplify the effectiveness of herbs, allowing you to experience comfort and improvement faster.

The ADFIRE Super Patch helps enhance your body’s internal environment, strengthen your physique, and eliminate fat within 3-6 weeks.

Why Choose ADFIRE™️ Super Patches?

  • Natural Ingredients: We use pure herbal plant extracts, free from chemical additives, gentle, non-irritating, safe, and reliable.
  • Long-lasting Warmth: Highly efficient warming technology continuously radiates warmth, creating a cozy space for you.
  • Comfortable Feel: Ultra-thin design for a seamless fit, soft materials that adhere to your skin, ensuring comfort in every moment.
  • Simple and Convenient: Heats up immediately after applying, providing instant comfort and warmth. Portable and convenient, enjoy comfort anytime and anywhere.

Easy Application

ADFIRE Detoxifying and Dampness-Dispelling Super Patch
ADFIRE Detoxifying and Dampness-Dispelling Super Patch
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