Ageless™ Protein Lifting Thread


Ageless™ Protein Lifting Thread
Ageless™ Protein Lifting Thread

Aging is Inevitable, But With Ageless™ Protein Lifting Thread, You Age Gracefully!

Ageless™ Protein Lifting Thread combines the power of absorbable collagen with a blend of platinum gold extract, hydrolyzed silk, and other natural plant extracts to smoothen and firm skin. Used in conjunction with essence serum, the protein thread is easily dissolved as it massages the skin and lets it absorb the nutrients from the serum.

This fairly straightforward and painless cosmetic procedure works by threading thin, dissolvable sutures into the skin, targeting one area or several at once. This could be done on the under-eye area, eyebrow, forehead, or joles. Instead of surgically removing the loose facial skin, the inserted thread stimulates collagen production in the affected area, restoring the sagging skin’s elasticity and giving it an instant lift.

This inexpensive little guy’s claim to fame is a promise to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just 4 weeks, which many satisfied users say is true. Thanks to a powerful combination of collagen peptides and other active ingredients, it makes skin appear smoother and more lifted while also keeping it hydrated.

Ageless™ Protein Lifting Thread has the following product features:


  1. Wash your face thoroughly.
  2. Apply on the desired area with water, or any of your favorite serums.
  3. Wait until it dissolves, and massage it on your skin until it is fully absorbed.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1/2/4/10/20 x Ageless™ Protein Lifting Thread (1 Box/60pcs)

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