AirOmn™ Solar-Powered Electromagnetic Resonance De-Icing Light – Zero Energy Consumption


Now, with the AirOmn™ Solar-Powered De-Icing Lights, you can stay warm wherever you are and save a bundle on your electric bill. You’ll never have to worry about being cold on a winter morning again!

The climate problem is getting worse, Please prepare preventive measures in advance – the latest solutions in 2023

When facing extremely cold temperatures and blizzard conditions, it’s important to realize that they pose significant challenges not only to your indoor temperature and vulnerable roof but also to vehicles exposed to such frigid weather. These challenges include frozen door handles, nearly invisible windshields due to heavy snow, and in the most severe cases, vehicles may find themselves completely buried under a daunting 1.3 meters of snow, further underscoring the need for reliable solutions to cope with the cold.

Key Technologies for Solar-Powered Electromagnetic Resonance De-Icing Light:

The AirOmn™ Solar-Powered Electromagnetic Resonance De-Icing Light utilizes an electromagnetic resonance technology solution designed by CERN. When activated, the device emits a specific electromagnetic frequency, which acts on the molecules in the air and on the microcrystalline particles of snow. In the process, the frequency waves resonate with the snow particles, breaking up the internal structure of the snow, rapidly melting it and preventing it from freezing, and resonating with other molecules in the air to generate and transfer heat, thus raising the room temperature. Electromagnetic resonance technology makes the lights an intelligent relay station for energy management.

AirOmn™ Solar-Powered Snow De-Icing Light has a built-in intelligent temperature sensor, which is precisely regulated by an integrated chip, and a low-temperature self-starter that effectively prevents the freezing of surrounding water molecules and quickly melts frost and snow. It also works well in extreme cold conditions, and is capable of excellent results in the range of -40°F to -50°F.

Snow Melting Guards for House & Roads

Thanks to the applicability of the AirOmn™ Solar-Powered De-Icing Light, it can be plugged into your yard and fully remove snow from a 1800-square-foot home in less than 10 minutes. With it, you can ensure that your home’s ground and roads are snow-free, roads are not icy, and pavement is not slippery, keeping you safe on the road. It also helps you avoid costly repairs due to roof damage, house collapses, interior leaks and other problems caused by snow on the roof.

Efficient Snow Melting Device for Parking lot & Cars

In the cold winter season, no need to worry about snow and icy windshields. The AirOmn™ Solar-Powered De-Icing Light provides excellent snow removal results. With a compact design for easy portability, it can be placed in parking lots to protect all cars from snow accumulation. Alternatively, you can remove the bottom support rod and place it in any sunny spot inside your car, and it will start working. When used after icing, it rapidly melts the ice and snow on and around the tires. With its assistance, you can drive smoothly on snowy or icy roads, ensuring that your car won’t slip, and visibility remains excellent. This enhances safety. Regardless of the weather, you can travel in the morning or before work without the need to clear accumulated snow, making a cold day easy and enjoyable.

It is not only portable and stylish but also comes with two power supply modes: solar and fast USB charging. It offers a cost-effective solution, allowing you to charge it fully in 40 minutes under sufficient sunlight or quickly charge it within 15 minutes by connecting to a power source. One full charge can last for one week.The AirOmn™ Solar-Powered De-Icing Light can be easily installed in any parking lot or on any car, and it is effective for all types of vehicles, whether it’s a luxury sedan, crossover SUV, economy car, or even a recreational vehicle.

Whole house heating solutions with 0 power consumption

The AirOmn™ Solar-Powered De-Icing Light sets itself apart from typical high-powered home heaters; it doesn’t rely on electric coils or direct combustion to generate heat. Its operation is more eco-friendly, quiet, and safe. Plus, you can experience the warmth of spring in winter without any burning of fossil fuels or energy consumption. Additionally, it uses electromagnetic resonance technology to elevate the overall ambient temperature throughout the house. With no need for cumbersome installation or complex setups, it effortlessly provides warmth to your rooms, creating a cozy living environment without any compromise on convenience.

The AirOmn™ Solar-Powered De-Icing Light replaces traditional heating equipment because powered by solar energy, it can save a home up to 100% of its monthly heating bill, which is an amazing transformation of $1,600 in 4 months at $400 a month in heating costs!

What makes AirOmn™ Solar-Powered Electromagnetic Resonance De-Icing Light the best choice?

  • CERN ‘s Authoritative Molecular Resonance Technology
  • Will not interfere with or affect in-car electronic devices
  • No radiation, no side effects on the human body
  • A comfortable temperature of 75°F And 360° All-Round Deicing
  • Stylish appearance and easy-to-install
  • 15-minute fast chargings
  • Two power supply modes: solar power and 15-minute fast chargings
  • Two modes of use: snow melting mode and heating moden
  • Preventing fogged car windows
  • The best snow melting option for yard roads, snow on cars, and outdoor work; the best choice for unexpected power outages and whole house heating

Package Includes: 1 x AirOmn™ Solar-Powered Electromagnetic Resonance De-Icing Light – Zero Energy Consumption

AirOmn™ Solar-Powered Electromagnetic Resonance De-Icing Light – Zero Energy Consumption
AirOmn™ Solar-Powered Electromagnetic Resonance De-Icing Light – Zero Energy Consumption
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