ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film


ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film

With the aid of this revolutionary technology, the collagen film is 100% soluble and may thus flawlessly dissolve into the skin. The unique collagen essence is entirely dissolved by misting the film as it contacts your skin, allowing it to absorb deep hydration and plumpness while boosting elasticity and radiance for a refreshed and youthful face.

flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film will help you up your anti-aging skincare game. This innovative product, which was especially created in South Korea using US Patented Collagen Nanofiber Technology, will aid in giving you skin that is supple, radiant, and youthful-looking.

Our Ability To Produce Collagen Has Dropped By Up To 25% By The Time We Are In Our 40s

ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film

The suppleness, firmness, and moisture of the skin are all vitally dependent on collagen. As we get older, the body’s capacity to naturally make collagen starts to wane. Collagen production normally begins to decline in our mid-20s, and by the time we are in our 40s, it may have fallen by up to 25%. The loss of skin suppleness, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin—all indications of aging—can result from this decline in collagen formation.

The Soluble Technology

ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film

With cutting-edge soluble technology, flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film offers a potent and revolutionary skincare experience. The active elements of the product are more effective thanks to this technology because they can reach deeper layers of the skin and produce more pronounced benefits. The film’s soluble technology can significantly lessen the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, making your skin smoother and more radiant.

ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film

What Makes The flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film Be The GREAT CHOICE?

✔ Dermatologist tested

✔ Improves the absorption of active ingredients

✔ Deeper penetration produces better outcomes

✔ Peeling that is gentle and pain-free

✔ Reduces aging symptoms like wrinkles

✔ Improves the brightness of skin

✔ Strengthens defense against stresses

Marine collagen, which is composed of small molecules and easily absorbed by the skin, is the key component of flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film. This form of collagen is identical to the collagen naturally present in human skin and is derived from the deep South Pacific waters close to the coast of New Zealand. It has considerable anti-aging advantages. By including this product into your skincare regimen, you may get a firm, lifted, and smooth complexion that lessens the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin.

Consist of 2 Powerful Key Ingredients For Anti-Aging

ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film

Hyaluronic Acid – Because of its moisturizing and anti-aging properties, it has been employed in skincare products. It penetrates the skin’s outer layer when applied topically to aid in moisture retention and increase skin suppleness, which can lessen the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid encourages the creation of collagen, an essential element of skin that is healthy and youthful-looking.

ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film

High Content Collagen – In anti-aging treatments can benefit skin health and appearance in a variety of ways. When applied topically, collagen molecules can reach fibroblasts, which are the cells that make collagen, via the skin’s outer layer. The production of collagen is boosted, making the skin firmer, more elastic, and better equipped to fend off wrinkles and fine lines. By attaching to water molecules and holding onto moisture, High-Content Collagen can also aid in hydrating the skin. A more young and healthy appearance might result from this improved skin texture and plumpness.

Usage Directions

1. Wash your face.

2. Apply some toner to remove excess dirt.

3. Apply the flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film on the concerned area.

4. Spray some collagen mist.

5. Leave it to penetrate the skin.

6. Use it regularly for best results.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film
ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film

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Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film
ANWX flysmus™ Pureskin Korean Soluble Collagen Film
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