Batana Natural Hair Growth Oil


Organically sourced & unrefined 

Unrefined Batana oil is rich in essential nutrients like vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, promoting healthier, stronger hair and reducing breakage and hair loss.

Stimulates & Strengthens Hair Roots and Follicles

Pure batana oil crafted using elements that foster a , supporting the natural growth cycle of your hair. This serum aids in enhancing the look of hair thinning by leveraging potent ingredients such as batana oil encouraging a fuller and more vibrant hair appearance

Scalp detoxifier 

The foundation for healthy hair lies in a nourished scalp, and this Scalp Serum incorporates a fusion of elements to maintain a content and well-moisturized scalp

Batana oil delivers essential moisture, while amino acids enhance scalp and hair hydration, fostering comprehensive hair well-being.

The results are in 

In an 8-week consumer study of 240 men and women using Batana Oil, users said that:

Organically sourced & unrefined 

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Batana Natural Hair Growth Oil
Batana Natural Hair Growth Oil
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