BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower


Powerful Key Ingredients of BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower

BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower

Grape Seed Oil
Used as a natural remedy for baldnessThe Linolenic acid in grape seed oil stimulates hair growth. The oil contains flavonoids called procyanidin oligomers. These are powerful antioxidants.
Ginger Extracts
Ginger helps improve scalp circulation while stimulating each hair follicle, which in turn promotes natural hair growth. The many vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in ginger also contribute to strengthening your hair strands to combat hair loss, and ginger contributes to restoring moisture loss.
Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil
is believed to increase the dermal cells on the scalp which, in turn, strengthens the follicles and roots of the hair. This not only encourages the new growth of strands but also prevents hair thinning and breakage.

The power of BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower

An enzyme in the body called 5-alpha reductase converts the androgen hormone testosterone into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone. Beard growth is linked to the stimulation of hair follicles in the area, which continues to affect beard growth after puberty. When DHT binds to receptors on your hair follicles, it stimulates the growth of facial hair. However, the strength of its effect is also determined by your hair follicles’ sensitivity to DHT.

The essence penetrates through the skin to the roots and accelerates paralyzed hair.

BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower

Nutritional ingredients nourish capillaries, making the hair grow faster, thicker, and fuller.

With the consistent application ofBeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower, hair growth increases twice as much faster while thickening the hair by up to 50-70%!

BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower Highlights
  • Promotes Rapid Hair Growth
    Boost Hair growth 10x faster than normal!
  • Significant Results
    Achieve a full healthy beard in 4-6 weeks!
  • Healthy & Soft Beard
    Organic Beard Booster moisturizes the beard hair and skin, this eliminates itching and dandruff.
  • Non-grease formula
    It soaks quickly to treat and calm dry, coarse, and unruly beard hair.


• Ingredients: Ginger, Grape seed oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis leaf oil
• Net Content: 60 ml

Package Includes: 1 x BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower

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BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower
BeardMax™ Organic Oil Grower
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