Biancat™ SilverLux Gray Hair Dye


Ready for a hair transformation that screams “I’m sophisticated, I’m stylish, and I’m fabulous?” Look no further than Biancat™ SilverLux Gray Hair Dye!

Our multi-dimensional metallic shades create a youthful, trendy, and ultra-sophisticated look that’s perfect for any age. Say goodbye to boring hair and hello to head-turning radiance with Biancat™ SilverLux – the ultimate hair glow-up.

Get ready to unleash the power of Biancat™ SilverLux Gray Hair Dye – the superhero of hair transformations. Our high-performance formula not only delivers impeccable results but also nourishes your hair with moisture and shine. With SilverLux™, damaged hair becomes a thing of the past, and silky, shiny, and healthy hair becomes the new normal. Plus, you can achieve a unique silvery tone and shade according to your base color and hair texture without the need to bleach. So why settle for anything less than perfection? Give your locks the ultimate hair glow-up they deserve with Biancat™ SilverLux Gray Hair Dye.


✔️ Multi-Dimensional Metallic Shine: Our metallic shine booster gives you a cool platinum finish that’s gorgeously glossy and shimmers with a multi-dimensional, stylish look.


✔️ Fade-Resistant Formula: With Biancat™ SilverLux, your new silvery locks will stand the test of time. Our permanent hair dye provides fade-resistant color that will keep heads turning even after countless washes.

✔️ Versatile Silver Shades: From charcoal gray to icy silver blonde, Biancat™ SilverLux offers a range of stunning silvery shades that will perfectly complement your base color and hair texture.

✔️ Easy to Use: We know you’re busy being fabulous, so we made Biancat™ SilverLux Gray Hair Dye super easy to apply. Just brush the dye onto your hair in sections, let it sit for 40-60 minutes, rinse it out, and voila – you’re ready to flaunt your new silvery hue.

Embrace your inner superhero and radiate confidence with a look that’s trendy, modern, and downright fabulous. It’s time to let your hair do the talking and show the world what you’re made of – with Biancat™ SilverLuxyour locks will speak volumes.


  1. For long-lasting result, clean and dry hair before coloring. (avoid using conditioner or oil.
  2. Apply premix with brush on hair.
  3. Leave it for 40-60 minutes.
  4. Rinse hair thoroughly.


  1. Better take an allergy test before using for the safest result.
  2. May have slight color difference according to your current hair color.


  • Weight: 100ml
  • Color: Gray


  • Biancat™ SilverLux Gray Hair Dye

Biancat™ SilverLux Gray Hair Dye
Biancat™ SilverLux Gray Hair Dye
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