Bikenda™ Vehicle Microwave Molecular Deicing Instrument


Data Report on Vehicle Freezing and Scrapping Due to Major Snowstorms in the United States: Over the past decade, there have been approximately 36 major snowstorm events each year, with the northern and northeastern regions being the most severely affected. Each year, hundreds of thousands of vehicles become immobilized or inoperable due to freezing. Major snowstorms lead to vehicle damage, aging, and an increase in traffic accidents.

Would you face such problems? Well, there is now the most effective solution available!

First look at the big changes to the car in our pilot community

Has your car ever been frozen?

The car is trapped by heavy snow or ice in winter, are you still using the traditional deicing shovel? It takes a lot of effort every day to remove ice and snow from the surface of the car, and there is a risk of scratching the paint and windshield.
Use the Vehicle Microwave Deicing Instrument to free your hands and never worry about the car being trapped by ice and snow.

The latest scientific research technology — Let the car no longer be trapped by ice and snow


A professional research and development team has reached the conclusion through experimentation that microwaves with frequencies similar to the vibration and rotation frequencies of water molecules can influence the physical properties of water molecules, allowing them to actively vibrate even at the freezing point.

Additionally, our independently developed special energy substance, when subjected to microwave exposure, accelerates molecular diffusion, combines with air molecules inside the vehicle, promotes intense motion of air molecules, and generates substantial energy, thereby achieving the remarkable phenomenon of no ice formation, whether inside or outside the vehicle.


The Microwave and Radio Frequency Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, in collaboration with the Molecular Materials Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has provided technical support for this research and its civilian applications, turning technology originally designed for aerospace engineering into a reality. I hope that this cutting-edge science and technology can assist everyone in overcoming the challenges of ice and snow, enabling more convenient travel.

Practical and stylish car accessories

Vehicle Microwave Deicing Instrument not only provides excellent performance in practicality but also has an attractive and stylish appearance, making it an excellent decoration in the vehicle.

It not only adds a sense of style to the interior of the car but also perfectly matches with various models. Whether it is a luxury sedan, an off-road SUV, or an economy vehicle, this deicer can be integrated into the vehicle, adding a refined decoration to the overall interior. Its design details and smooth lines complement the exterior styling of modern vehicles, demonstrating attention to detail and refined craftsmanship.

Customer’s life changes after using Vehicle Microwave Deicing Instrument

My life really changed a lot when I bought and started using the Vehicle Microwave Deicing Instrument. In the past, after every heavy snowfall, I always felt extremely anxious, because I knew that clearing the snow around the vehicle would take a lot of my time and energy. But now, with a vehicle snow plow, it’s a lot easier. I no longer have to spend a lot of time manually clearing snow around my vehicle in cold weather, and it gives me great peace of mind that I no longer have to worry about snow that might cause damage to my vehicle. My car was the only one on the entire street that wasn’t covered in snow, which made me a star on the street.

 –⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Frankie Roberts

On the first day of using it, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I kept looking out of the window at my car. To my surprise, amidst that heavy snowfall, my car was the only one that remained clean. Bob, my neighbor’s car, was buried under a thick layer of snow. At that moment, I realized that this thing could give me a few extra minutes of sleep every morning and welcome a wonderful day. I must say, after using it for a week, I’ve completely fallen in love with it. I just need to place it in the car, without needing to do anything else. Overall, the Vehicle Microwave Deicing Instrument has genuinely transformed my life. It not only frees me from the tedious snow-clearing chore but also enhances my quality of life and comfort. Without hesitation, I give it a five-star review, and I’m grateful for the convenience and enjoyable experience it has brought me!

 –⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Mason Andrews


Bikenda™ Vehicle Microwave Molecular Deicing Instrument

Color: Green, Black

  • 360° All-Round Deicing
  • Aesthetic Interior Decon
  • No Need for Power Supply
  • Durable and Effective
  • No radiation exposure, safe and harmless
  • The energy substance is derived from natural compounds with no adverse effects on the human body

Usage Instructions:
1. Open the instrument cover.
2. Unseal the energy substance located inside the instrument and place it back in its original position.
3. Close the instrument cover to activate the device.
4. Place the instrument in a safe and stable location inside the vehicle.

Bikenda™ Vehicle Microwave Molecular Deicing Instrument
Bikenda™ Vehicle Microwave Molecular Deicing Instrument
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