Busy Times Feeding Bottle


Busy Times Feeding Bottle

Feed your baby effortlessly during busy moments and on-the-go adventures with our Busy Times Feeding Bottle! Crafted with anti-colic features and BPA-free silicone, this bottle ensures your baby receives nourishment comfortably and safely.

✨ Designed with a convenient long straw, the bottle facilitates easy suction for your baby, allowing them to feed comfortably without assistance.

🧼 Cleaning the bottle is easy. Utilize a straw brush for thorough cleaning,

or if you’re without one, simply pour boiling water into the bottle, shake, and squeeze the flexible silicone body to flush the water through the straw, ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene.

🍼 How to prime: Simply hold the nipple below the milk line and gently squeeze the nipple to draw milk into it, providing a seamless feeding experience.

🌟 Rest assured, our bottle is BPA-free and crafted with high-quality silicone for your baby’s safety and well-being.

⚠️ While our bottle streamlines feeding during hectic moments, it’s essential to remember to never leave your baby unattended during feeding times. Always keep a watchful eye on your little one for their safety and comfort.

✅ Please be aware that product appearances in videos may differ; please refer to the product images on this page for accurate depictions.

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Busy Times Feeding Bottle
Busy Times Feeding Bottle
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