Cartoon EVA Sticker Toys


The Cartoon EVA Sticker Toys fascinated me. Kids will love it.😍

Children need such toys to keep them away from electronic products.

Increase the time to communicate with children through parent-child games.


They have passed child safety tests. Choose safe materials to convoy your baby’s growth.

No glue is needed. The back of the material sheet has its own adhesive, which can be pasted after tearing it off.

Cultivate the baby’s ability to operate, coordinate hands and eyes, and observe.

The sticker adopts a variety of colors, with novel designs, which is popular with children.

After the baby completes the handmade works, it can be given to parents and good friends.


  • Material: Thickened EVA sponge
  • Size: 21cm*14.5cm


  • 1 x Cartoon EVA Sticker Toy (12pcs)
  • Each decal includes the base card, material package and reference drawing.

Cartoon EVA Sticker Toys
Cartoon EVA Sticker Toys
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