CC™ Advanced Scar Repair Serum


flysmus Advanced Scar Repair Serum
CC™ Advanced Scar Repair Serum

How does flysmus Advanced Scar Repair Serum works?

GOOPGEN 100% Advanced Scar Repair Serum– Made with allantoin and advanced scar Spray, our formula helps promote skin health, firmness, and elasticity to reduce the appearance of most types of scars, including surgical scars, burn scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloids. The silicone-based scar spray forms a breathable layer to increase the skin hydration, protect the scar tissue, normalize the collagen synthesis and balance the skin growth procedure,which can make your skin look smooth and even!

Our GOOPGEN 100% Advanced Scar Repair Serum helps flat and smooth scar texture in all skin types. We promise to remove the scars for as little as 4 weeks for new scars and for 4-8 weeks old scars! Our GOOPGEN 100% Advanced Scar Repair Serumhas the honor of being recommended by Dr. maryam. It’s perfect for all skin types with scar textures including c-sections, post-surgery, tummy tucks, old scars, keloids, stretch marks, burn scars and more. The product contains no irritating ingredients and so has no side effects.

flysmus Advanced Scar Repair Serum has the following product:

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