Ceoerty™ Car Stealth Jammer


The Ceoerty™ Car Stealth Jammer uses advanced electromagnetic wave technology to effectively jam the signals of speed cameras, traffic light cameras, and illegal parking sensors. This device is specifically designed to emit electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency to temporarily disrupt the function of these surveillance systems. Its precise jamming capability ensures that your vehicle remains invisible to these systems, providing you with exceptional protection and safety while driving.

Ceoerty™: Your protection for carefree driving

Invisible shield against speed cameras: Intelligent jamming technology that makes your vehicle invisible to speed cameras and frees you from automatic speed monitoring.

Ceoerty™ Car Stealth Jammer

Stress-free traffic light crossing: Efficient electromagnetic wave emission that ensures traffic light cameras cannot detect your movements, for a smooth and stress-free driving experience.

Worry-free parking, blocking illegal sensors: Avoid unnecessary parking fines, Ceoerty™ blocks the signals of illegal parking sensors and allows you to park freely without unwanted warnings.

Ceoerty™ Car Stealth Jammer

Worldwide seamless compatibility: Compatible with speed cameras, traffic light cameras, and illegal parking sensors in different countries, providing comprehensive protection for international drivers.

Advantages of the Ceoerty™ Car Stealth Jammer:

  • Quick installation: Easy to attach to the car bumper.
  • Worldwide application: Compatible with international cameras.
  • Avoidance of speed checks: Inconspicuous driving, undetected by speed cameras.
  • Intelligent invisibility: Traffic light cameras cannot detect your driving.
  • Avoidance of parking tickets: Prevents signals from parking lot sensors and unwanted warnings.
  • Comprehensive protection: Provides invisible protection against various surveillance systems.
  • Legal and safe: Ensures legal and safe driving.

Ceoerty™ Car Stealth Jammer installation instructions:

  • Easy installation in an inconspicuous place on the car bumper or behind the license plate.
  • Quick mounting, no professional tools required, test after installation.

Package Includes: 1/2/4/8 Pieces x Ceoerty™ Car Stealth Jammer

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Ceoerty™ Car Stealth Jammer
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