Ceoerty™ PocketView HD 1080P Compact Wi-Fi Camera


Experience advanced surveillance with the Ceoerty™ PocketView HD 1080P Compact Wi-Fi Camera and stay alert at all times. This compact camera is capable of delivering 1080p HD video streams over a 2.4GHz wireless connection at all times, allowing you to stay connected in any situation. Its stealthy design allows you to conduct full surveillance without attracting attention.

Ceoerty™ PocketView HD 1080P Compact Wi-Fi Camera

High Definition: The Ceoerty™ PocketView HD 1080P Compact Wi-Fi Camera features full HD 1080P video capture capability, ensuring each frame is clear and visible even in dim indoor environments. It’s perfect for capturing vivid family videos or precise indoor monitoring.

Wide Field of View: Equipped with a 140-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, the Ceoerty™ PocketView camera can cover a larger spatial area, eliminating the need for multiple devices to monitor an entire room.

Superior Performance, Magnetic Base: This camera combines superior performance with a convenient magnetic base and a high-capacity built-in battery, allowing for hours of continuous recording without the hassle of frequent charging, ensuring stable monitoring for extended periods.

Compact and Discreet, Powerful Night Vision: The Ceoerty™ PocketView boasts exceptional night vision capabilities, capturing clear video even in no-light or low-light conditions, ensuring around-the-clock monitoring without blind spots. Its discreet design allows the device to seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment, making it less conspicuous.

Ceoerty™ PocketView HD 1080P Compact Wi-Fi Camera

Audio and Video Recording: The Ceoerty™ PocketView camera supports micro-SD cards of up to 128GB, sufficient to store over 100 days’ worth of audio and video content. This compact full HD camera delivers outstanding recording quality and is a must-have portable recording device, ensuring you never miss any crucial moments.

Convenient Remote Control: With its Wi-Fi functionality, users can remotely view real-time video from home or the office using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, even when they are away. This ensures comprehensive monitoring and control of your loved ones and property no matter where you are.

What makes Ceoerty™ PocketView offer outstanding security protection:

  • Advanced No-Light Night Vision: Ensures clear visibility even in absolute darkness.
  • Responsive Motion Detection: Real-time push notifications for detected movement.
  • Easy Installation: No need for drilling holes; it’s ready to use upon placement.
  • 1080P High-Definition Quality: Presents exceptionally clear images.
  • 140-Degree Wide Viewing Angle: Covers a broader monitoring range.
  • Built-in High-Definition Microphone: Captures clear audio.
  • SD Card Storage Support: Records videos without requiring Wi-Fi.
  • Large Storage Capacity: Supports up to 128GB, offering up to 20 days of continuous recording.
  • Compact Design: Easy to discreetly place.
  • Integrated Operation: User-friendly and suitable for various types of users.

Product Details:
Model: X5
Camera Angle: 140 degrees
Storage Card: Supports 16GB to 128GB TF card (FAT32 file system)
Video Format: MP4
Real-time Video Resolution: 1920x1080P
Stored Video Resolution: 1280x720P
Playback Software: System default player or mainstream video playback software
Supported Mobile Operating Systems: Android/iOS
Dimensions: 34*40mm
Voltage: 5V/2A
Power Supply: power bank power supply, socket power supply

1 x Ceoerty™ PocketView HD 1080P Compact Wi-Fi Camera
Other Auxiliary Functions: Motion detection, background alarm, loop recording, video playback, scheduled recording, alarm recording, standby status with lights off

Ceoerty™ PocketView HD 1080P Compact Wi-Fi Camera
Ceoerty™ PocketView HD 1080P Compact Wi-Fi Camera
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