Clinically Proven Effective – Exclusive Patented Prostate Care


Clinically Proven Effective – Exclusive Patented Prostate Care

Are you worriedabout these problems?

ProVig™ Spray: Clinically Effective for Prostate Health!

Do you suffer from prostate problems? Be it prostate cancer, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate stones, difficult and painful urination, urinary incontinence, painful urination, abdominal pain and a constant feeling of full bladder. However, our innovative Prostate Herbal Spray will be your first weapon in maintaining prostate health. Continue to use prostate Chinese herbal spray products to fundamentally protect the health of the prostate and the health of the whole body! Improve the combat effectiveness of men!

Exceptional Benefits Offered by ProVig™ Spray

  • Reduces Inflammation and Discomfort
  • Enhances Urinary Function
  • Supports Hormonal Balance
  • Supports Healthy Sexual Function

Don’t Overlook Prostate Health – It Matters!

Prostatitis deserves your attention, and here’s why: neglecting it could bring some unwanted surprises. Think discomfort, pain, and pesky urinary symptoms. But that’s not all! Ignoring prostatitis may lead to recurrent infections, blockages, and even fertility issues.

ProVig™ spray promotes prostate health through its unique working principle. It harnesses a blend of natural ingredients carefully selected for their beneficial properties. When sprayed, these ingredients penetrate the prostate tissue, supporting its health and function.

How Can Provig™ Improve Your Prostate?


Anti-inflammatory Action

ProVig™ Spray has herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory properties, reducing prostate gland inflammation and discomfort from prostatitis.

Urinary Flow Enhancement

ProVig™ Spray relaxes urinary tract muscles, improving urine flow and reducing prostatitis symptoms like weak stream and hesitancy.

Hormonal Balance

ProVig™ maintains hormonal equilibrium, preventing and managing prostatitis symptoms caused by imbalances in hormone levels.

Improved Erectile Function

ProVig™ Spray enhances blood circulation, including to erectile tissues, improving erectile function, sexual performance, and satisfaction.

Why Choose Provig™ Over Others

Unmatched Absorption: Amplify Prostate Health

ProVig™ maximizes ingredient absorption with advanced solids dispersion technology, ultraparticle technology, and capsule filling technology.Through proprietary extraction, active compounds are concentrated for optimal effectiveness. This process boosts absorption and bioavailability by 40% compared to traditional prostate health supplements.

Unlike competitors’ bulky pills or messy creams, ProVig™ is a compact spray that can be easily administered without any discomfort or inconvenience.

How to Use?

1.Wash genital area thoroughly.
2.Apply 5 to 8 measuredsprays to head and shaft 10minutes before activity
3.Massage gently until fully absorbed.
4.Wash product offafter activity.

Product Specification

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Clinically Proven Effective - Exclusive Patented Prostate Care
Clinically Proven Effective – Exclusive Patented Prostate Care
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