Cocktail Smoker Kit


Cocktail Smoker Mixology Bartender Kit

🔨Handcrafted oak wood cocktail smoker.
🌿No artificial fragrances.
🪵Natural smoky flavors from wood chips
Elevates sensory experience for drink and spirits.
Perfect for DIY creations and infusing drinks.
Thoughtful Whiskey Gift Idea

Properties of cocktail smoker: cocktail smoker kit, with exquisite design and delicate packaging, including a smoke infuser (with filter), a Spray Gun, cleaning tools and 4 different wood chips (apple, cherry, pecan and oak without artificial fragrance ingredients).  Our chips are air-dried to suitable moisture and crushed to a suitable particle size for full combustion, which can ensure the most original and pure smoky taste.

Ignite Your Senses: With the Cocktail Smoke Kit, get ready to embark on a sensory journey like no other. Our tender smoky flavors quickly infuse into your food and drink, preventing high-temperature burns and ensuring a natural and tantalizing experience. From your first sip or bite, you’ll savor the authentic flavor of smoky natural wood, completely transforming your culinary adventures.

Versatile and Creative: Unleash your creativity and add natural flavors to your favorite drinks and dishes. Whether you enjoy whisky, wine, bourbon or other drinks, our cocktail smoker kit is the perfect companion. Elevate the taste profiles of your creations and impress your guests with the subtle yet distinctive smoky essence.

How to use: the portable smoker is very simple to operate, prepare the smoking gun, mix wine and cup, use the smoking gun to light chips that need to burn completely, smoke for cocktails and shake it lightly, stand for a few minutes, The flavored drink it’s done.

A THOUGHTFUL GIFT: Order the Busy Bees Cocktail Bartender Kit for yourself or as a unique gift for a friend or loved one, and you can be sure to win their appreciation! An excellent choice for birthday, home decor, holidays, man cave, Gentlemen’s bourbon gifts for men and more!

Cocktail Smoker Kit
Cocktail Smoker Kit
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