Collapsible Handle Salad Spinner


Collapsible Handle Salad Spinner

Saves you time when it comes to drying off your lettuce and spinach leaves. A good wash and a quick spin or two do the trick and the salad is ready to be served. Highly recommended for more than just salads You will not be disappointed.

A Colander With A Twist: Use to drain your pasta and rinse your veggies or twist it into a spinner! No more shaking or drip-drying your salad leaves, the pump-action handle rotates the colander, drying your produce in seconds

No More Splash: Keep your countertops dry and avoid splashing water everywhere. The Spina fits perfectly into the sink when you want to give it a spin, keeping the water where it’s meant to be

Handy Handle: With space-saving and easy storage in mind, the handle can be pushed inside the colander, allowing it to be stacked in bowls and completely out of the way. Lock the handle to use the Spina as a colander or twist it to create the pump-action spin

Non-slip Foot: The silicone foot will hold fast when spinning at the highest RPM, even to a wet sink! The basket is designed to keep your food inside, then just push down the handle for a quick stop brake. It’s also dishwasher safe


Material: ABS
Style: Collapsible Handle Salad Spinner
Package Dimensions: 8.66 x 15.75 x 4.33 inches

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Collapsible Handle Salad Spinner
Collapsible Handle Salad Spinner