Customizable LED Display

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Customizable LED Display

*Exclusive GIFs, Only with TuneMax LED Display!*


*If you find similar products elsewhere, please note that they won’t have the cool visuals you saw on our videos.*

Our 100+ UNIQUE GIFs and designs are only found on TuneMax LED Displays!

*So, remember: Exclusive GIFs like ‘SORRY OFFICER,’ ‘WANNA RACE,’ ‘YOU LOSE,’ ‘BOOST,’ and many more are only available with TuneMax LED Display!*

Unlimited Modes

Simply plug the USB into a power source, use the app on your Apple or Android device, connect via Bluetooth, and unlock a world of features. Free-draw, free-text, upload your own images or GIFs, but here’s the kicker: Our App got an online library packed with tons of GIFs. Imagine cruising down the street with the coolest GIFs in the universe – your car’s gonna steal the spotlight like never before!

Easy Installation!

And the best part?

You can easily slap it on any window and peel it off whenever you want – no mess, no stress.

  •  Visible through all tints
  • Connect via Bluetooth or use Remote Control and choose over OUR 100+ SPECIAL GIFs

*It is powered by a provided USB cable that can be plugged into a port.

What’s Included?

  • LED Panel
  • 4M USB Cable
  • QR Code To Download Our App
  • 3M Adhesive For Permanent Applications

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Customizable LED Display
Customizable LED Display