CZTICLE® Blood Pressure Regulator Bracelet


The CZTICLE® blood pressure regulator bracelet is the latest in medical technology. The bracelet is fully magnetized at 55mT at 10mm intervals in alternating north and south polar directions.

This allows the energy from the entire bracelet TitaniumION energy from the entire bracelet to spread its effects over a wide area, improve metabolism, increase heart contraction, dilate blood vessels and stimulate blood flow. increases cardiac contractility, dilates blood vessels and promotes blood flow.

CZTICLE® Blood pressure regulator bracelet improves blood circulation to help lower blood pressure. By increasing the heart’s contraction and cardiac output, blood circulation can lower blood pressure by delivering oxygen and nutrients more efficiently to all parts of the body, as well as flushing out digestive fat and removing cellular waste.

Typical magnetic products either use magnets with minimal magnetic field penetration or result in same-sex poles repelling each other, thus creating dead zones between the magnets. Products CZTICLE® bracelets use alternating north and south polarity directions to maximize magnetic field flow while releasing electromagnetic charges to clear blockages around the body and restore the natural flow of energy.

CZTICLE® Blood Pressure Regulator Bracelet has the following product features:


  • Color: red, white, black
  • Size: one size fits all

CZTICLE® Blood Pressure Regulator Bracelet
CZTICLE® Blood Pressure Regulator Bracelet
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