DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream


A lipoma is a round or oval-shaped lump of tissue that grows just beneath the skin. It’s made of fat, moves easily when you touch it, and doesn’t usually cause pain. Lipomas can appear anywhere on the body, but they’re most common on the back, trunk (torso), arms, shoulders, and neck.
DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
Experts still do not know exactly what causes the overgrowth of fat cells that cause lipomas, but they can arise due to genetic factors, meaning that if a parent had a lipoma, their child is more likely to have one; or they may present when there is an underlying medical condition.

Research has shown that in addition to genetic inheritance, there may be other factors that increase a person’s risk for developing lipomas, for example; Obesity, High cholesterol levels, Diabetes, Liver disease, and Glucose intolerance.

DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream, Non-surgical Treatment for Lipoma
In 2021, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery developed an effective topical treatment and has been proven to be a very valuable alternative to the current practice of excision, introducing DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream.
DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream is formulated with active compounds that penetrate directly the subcutaneous fat. This practice is being used extensively for nonsurgical contouring of the body and dissolving localized collections of excess fat.

These compounds are beneficial in the complex bodily processes that burn and store fats that cause lipoma. It effectively removes inflammation, fibroids capsule, and subcutaneous lumps, and relieves pain caused by them.
DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
Here is Amanda Cook’s 14-day Journey with DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
DAY 0: I have problems with lipoma underarms and I used to take medication pills or topical cream over the counter but they seem to have no effect on my situation. Saw this on the internet and thought I might give this a try.

DAY 7: After a week of using DermaFix™ cream I noticed that it has reduced the swelling bulge on my armpit. I was delighted by the results and hope to see more improvement in the coming days.
DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
DAY 14: I have been taking it for 2 weeks now and it has literally been a lifesaver. Now, my fat knots are gone. BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! It’s so awesome!

DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream Key Ingredients
Saffron: exhibits antitumor properties that may help shrink lipoma. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent that can help bring down the swelling associated with such lumps.
Snake-needle grass: it is a pleasant-tasting cooling, an alterative herb that lowers fever, reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and is diuretic and antibacterial. It acts mainly on the liver and also stimulates the immune system.
Neem Oil: exhibits anti-tumor activity, which can be utilized for treating lipoma. Plus, it has anti-obesity effects, so it helps reduce fat deposition inside the body, which is associated with lipoma formation.
Turmeric: Its main component Curcumin, has successfully been used for addressing inflammatory, tumorous, and infectious skin conditions. This goes to show that it can be a useful aid in the treatment of lipomatosis as well.

DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
What makes DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream your great choice?
Effective topical treatment for lipoma
Removal of lipoma mass, body lump, fats, fibroids
Relieves pain caused by lipoma
Alternative to surgical procedures
Assures no recurrence
Visible results
All-natural treatment, no side effects


  1. Clean and dry the affected area before use.
  2. Apply the ointment to the affected area and gently massaged it until it is fully absorbed.
  3. Use it 2-3 times a day for best results.

Package Includes:

1/2/5/10 x DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream

DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
DermaFix™ Lipoma Removal Cream
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