Detoxpro™ Kidney Support Herbal Foot Soak


What Is Kidney Failure And How Does It Affect The Body?

The human kidneys is a bean-shaped organ that is known as the body’s primary filtration system that must work to process roughly 200 quarts of blood per day. It helps to keep the whole body in balance as it cleanses the blood of toxins and transforms the waste products and extra water into urine. In addition it also controls blood pressure and makes red blood cells (RBC). When one or both the kidneys stop functioning or are not working properly well on their own, harmful toxins and excess fluids build up in the body. This condition is called kidney failure and has varying levels of seriousness. It often shows common symptoms, including swelling or fluid retention, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, urinating more or less, loss of appetite, acute kidney injuries and so on.

Kidney failure can affect anyone of any race and usually develops into a person with high blood pressure and diabetes. This condition may also be damaged due to physical injury, family history, abnormal kidney structure, heart disease or other disorders. Kidney failure without treatment is fatal, but may recover normal or nearly normal kidney function with proper care and treatment. This is why we introduce you to herbal detox kidney care foot bath! An effective, non-invasive method that helps to block further kidney malfunctions and helps to strengthen it out. Allowing the kidney to normally keep the blood clean and chemically balanced in no time.

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This herbal detoxification foot bath is a unique treatment that aids the body’s natural cleansing process. It uses charged particles called ions which successfully attract and flush out negative toxins via activated sweat glands that pull them out through the bottom of the feet. Providing you a safe and relaxing way to clear out body impurities which also aims in improving the blood circulation through the body. This in turn, helps in filtering the blood of toxins and stimulates the elimination of toxicants through the kidney and cells the way they should. Maintaining the kidney properly functioning, clean and healthy to permanently halt the formation of any kidney diseases and other oxidative stress. Its detoxification process can effectively remove ammonia, mercury and many harmful substances that is similar to what dialysis accomplishes.

The kidney care foot bath also involves the traditional acupuncture method where it stimulates all the pressure points on the bottom of the foot. Promoting a better kidney function as it warms up and naturally decongest the organs and channels of the body that have a build up of toxins. In addition, it even works in encouraging lymphatic drainage to help the lymph flow smoothly to avoid blockages, water retention and painful swelling. This herbal foot bath contains multiple ingredients that work actively to cleanse and support the kidney to keep it functioning without the need for dialysis or transplant. Achieve a healthy kidney and purified body in only 4 weeks of regular use!

Key Ingredients Of Herbal Detox Kidney Care Foot Bath: 

  • Ginger Oil – is an excellent herb that offers an effective effect in improving the functional attributes of kidneys. It is packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidants agents and vitamin C which protects the kidneys and helps neutralize unstable free radicals throughout the body. In addition, ginger can decrease the level of creatinine in the blood which is one of the causes of poorly functioning kidneys. It continues the improvement in blood purification as well as boosting up the flow of oxygenated blood towards kidneys. It is even known as a popular ingredient in treating kidney stones as it deeply cleanse and  eliminates rigid stone deposits or formation. Thus, it also helps to provide relief for those suffering with urinary pain or discomfort.

  • Saffron – or also known as saffron crocus is an impressive spice that is also used in the medicinal world for its wide health benefits. It contains a variety of plant compounds which also acts as antioxidants molecules that protects each cell through the body from harmful molecules and oxidative stress. This in turn helps the body against painful inflammation and fights off kidney damages. Saffron also works in improving the renal blood flow to sustain a properly functioning kidney and organs. Moreover, it can successfully play the diuretic role and increases the excretion of extra water or urine from the body, through the kidneys. Purifying the kidney and bladder and thus, treating infection of the urinary tract.

  • Mugwort – is a super ingredient that’s been used since ancient times for its beneficial health effects. It effectively gets rid of harmful toxins and thoroughly cleans collateral channels or pathways in the body. This plant can even improve metabolism and normally increase the blood flow throughout the body. Providing the kidneys an adequate blood flow to function and assist in filtering waste products and removing excess fluids. Preventing any injuries in the kidney tissues and kidney diseases.

  • Wormwood – is a great natural remedy for liver, gallbladder problems as well as working as an exceptional cleansing ingredient for the body. It consists of strong agents that work in stimulating the gallbladder function which is called the absinthe. Treating blockages that affect the regular flow of fluids in their respective bodily systems. Preventing the development of gallbladder stones that may affect and increase the risk of kidney stones. Additionally, wormwood also works in relieving bodily pain and helps in improving immunity. Providing you the best comfort and relaxation possible.



  • Visibly cleansed and helps restore the kidney function in only 4 weeks
  • Healthy detoxifying effects
  • Successfully attract and flush out negative toxins via activated sweat glands
  • Offers an improved blood circulation through the body to help kidneys and other body organ functions
  • Blocks the formation of kidney failure and diseases
  • Uses the traditional acupuncture method and stimulates all the pressure points on the bottom of the foot
  • Promotes a healthy lymphatic drainage and help the lymph flow smoothly
  • Prevents water retention, harmful blockages and painful inflammation
  • Made with 100% organic ingredients
  • Ingredients: Ginger oil, saffron, mugwort, wormwood
  • 1 x Detoxpro™ Kidney Support Herbal Foot Soak Set

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Detoxpro™ Kidney Support Herbal Foot Soak
Detoxpro™ Kidney Support Herbal Foot Soak
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