DIY Hand Rope Braider Set


DIY Hand Rope Braider Set

🌈🎨 The hand rope knitter set is a beneficial toy that can stimulate children’s creativity, allowing them to enjoy knitting while cultivating their handicraft abilities and creativity! 🎨🌈

✨ Product Features ✨

🌈 Creative Design: The bracelet braider set comes with a variety of colorful ropes and braiders, allowing children to play freely and create a variety of unique bracelets and bracelets.

🎨Colorful Ropes: The set contains colorful ropes with bright colors and safe materials, suitable for children, making the knitting process more interesting.

🌈 Creativity Cultivation: Through hand knitting, children can exercise their hand coordination and creativity, cultivate their patience and perseverance, and is a beneficial educational toy.

🎨 Parent-Child Interaction: Parents and children can play together and complete hand rope weaving together to enhance parent-child relationship and establish a more harmonious family atmosphere.

✨ Customer Testimonials ✨

🌈 “My child really likes this bracelet knitting set. He knits bracelets every day. It’s very creative. I also like playing with him!”

🎨 “This knitting set is of good quality and the colors are beautiful. I have knitted a lot of bracelets with it and given them to my friends. Everyone loves them!”

🎨🌈 The hand rope weaver set is a creative toy suitable for children, allowing them to use colorful ropes to weave various bracelets and hand ropes. It not only cultivates their manual skills, but also stimulates their creativity. It is a great way to play house A great choice for home toys! 🌈🎨

DIY Hand Rope Braider Set


  • Material: Plastic


  • 1 x Hand Rope Braider Set

DIY Hand Rope Braider Set
DIY Hand Rope Braider Set
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