EASYRX Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch


Let us share the stories of some customers who have successfully used this patch:

EASYRX Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch

I have been struggling with severe hypertensive kidney disease, which has led to the worsening of hypertension and cardiovascular problems, subsequently triggering a cascade of health issues. During a conversation with a doctor at the local herbal store, I learned about the existence of this product and decided to give it a try. After using it for two months, I was pleasantly surprised to see my blood pressure starting to decrease. Now, eight months have passed, and my overall physical condition has undergone a remarkable transformation. The persistent dizziness that used to trouble me has disappeared, and my cardiovascular problems are gradually diminishing. Most importantly, the leg swelling that once made walking difficult has completely disappeared. This product has truly brought me an unprecedented experience of health and well-being.–Patricia Chavez, Oklahoma, USA

I had been struggling with severe hypertension and kidney issues, which led to the worsening of my hypertension problem and resulted in various physical discomforts. Upon a friend’s recommendation, I decided to purchase this product. After using it for two months, I was delighted to observe a decrease in my blood pressure. Currently, I have regained the sense of well-being I had before. The dizziness and hypertension that used to trouble me are no longer a concern, and the problems are gradually diminishing.– Thomson, Vancouver, Canada

How to Determine the Stages of Kidney Disease

EASYRX Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch

Stage 1: Kidney Health (Stage 1): GFR is normal, but there may be other kidney issues or risk factors present.

Stage 2: Mild Kidney Damage (Stage 2): GFR slightly declines but remains within the normal range, often accompanied by other kidney issues.

Stage 3: Moderate Kidney Damage (Stage 3): GFR further decreases, possibly between 30-59 mL/min/1.73m². This stage may show mild symptoms like fatigue and swelling.

Stage 4: Moderate to Severe Kidney Damage (Stage 4): GFR continues to decline, potentially between 15-29 mL/min/1.73m². More noticeable symptoms might occur, such as anemia and skeletal problems.

Stage 5: Kidney Failure (Stage 5): GFR is very low, below 15 mL/min/1.73m². This is the most severe stage, requiring kidney replacement therapies like dialysis or kidney transplantation.

If your kidneys are already in Stage 5, kidney patches can only alleviate its complications rather than provide a curative effect. For stages above Stage 4, kidney patches can be used to intervene artificially and aid in the recovery of kidney function.

Unhealthy Kidney Symptoms

If kidney damage progresses slowly, signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease may develop over time. Kidney function decline can lead to an increase in fluids or waste, electrolyte issues, and lymphatic swelling. Depending on the severity, kidney function loss may result in:

EASYRX Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch

Main Features of Kidney Care Patch

Revitalize Kidney functions
As it stimulates blood and accelerates lymph circulation, this prevents any accumulating damage from the kidney & revitalizes its function.
Helps to detoxify kidneys against harmful toxins due to risk & wrong lifestyle habits.
Improves overall body Health
This gets rid of fatigue, tiredness, and itchiness while boosting circulation which provides energy, & strength!
Natural & safe
We combine powerful herbs to help support kidney health: Polygonatum, Hippocampus Animal, Dried Angelica, and Epimedium.
Transdermal process
By using an adhesive patch, the active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systemic distribution, & it is absorbed slowly into the body without side effects.

Here are some key ingredients of our Kidney Care Patch (all sourced from nature)

EASYRX Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch

Usage Instructions:

Open the patch and tear off the white film on top. Apply it to the skin corresponding to the location of the kidneys. Use two patches at a time, one for each kidney. The patch lasts for 8 hours; for those with severe kidney conditions, a new patch can be applied after the 8-hour medicinal effect ends. For stage 1-2 kidney disease patients, it is recommended to use 2-4 patches per day. For stage 3-4 kidney disease patients, it is recommended to use 4-6 patches per day. Continuously use the patch for at least three months to reduce some of the complications caused by kidney issues. Use it for at least six months to achieve the effect of treating kidney problems.


  • Material: Non-Woven Patch
  • Patch Size: 7cm x 7cm

Package includes: 1 x EASYRX Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch  (50 pcs)

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EASYRX Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch
EASYRX Multi-Functional Kidney Care Patch
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