ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask


Restore the nutrients and hydration to your hair and scalp with the ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask! Our natural hair steaming mask contains deeply nourishing and moisturizing nut oil that repairs damaged hair, bringing the life back to your hair roots and strands.

ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask

Benefits of Hair Steaming 

Hair steaming is a revitalizing treatment that offers a multitude of benefits for your hair and scalp. One of its primary advantages is the significant boost it provides to scalp circulation, which plays a pivotal role in promoting healthy hair growth.

During a hair steaming session, the application of heat and moisture effectively stimulates blood flow to the scalp. This surge in circulation serves a dual purpose: first, it unclogs pores, allowing trapped impurities to be released. These impurities, if left unaddressed, can compromise your hair’s health and your scalp’s condition.

ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask

Secondly, the increased scalp stimulation opens up hair follicles, strategically positioned deep within the scalp. As a result, the absorption of nourishing active ingredients from your hair care products is greatly enhanced. This means that your hair can benefit more effectively from the nutrients and treatments you provide, resulting in healthier, smoother, and shinier strands.

Incorporating hair steaming into your routine is a luxurious and effective way to rejuvenate your hair and encourage its optimal health and beauty.

How Hair Steaming Works

Hair steaming works by a specialized self-heating device with a high barrier properties material that maintains a constant 37° heat cycle during the hair treatment.

This safe, controlled temperature gently opens the hair follicles (located deep in the scalp) and cuticles (outermost layer of the hair strand), allowing deep penetration of the conditioning and moisturizing treatment and improving overall hair smoothness, manageability, and shine.

ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask

Why ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask

Every day, your hair faces a barrage of challenges – from environmental stressors to styling tools and chemical treatments. Over time, this can leave your locks feeling brittle, tangled, and lifeless. Enter the ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask, a true game-changer in the world of hair care, transform your hair from lackluster to luscious!

The ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask is your trusty ally. It boasts a remarkable 5x repair formula that, when coupled with the gentle warmth of steam, performs hair miracles. Say goodbye to lifeless strands and hello to bouncy, shiny hair that exudes health and vitality. This miracle-working mask not only repairs damaged hair but also soothes the scalp, giving your tresses the tender loving care they deserve.

ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask

At the heart of this transformative formula lies the star ingredient: nut oil. Nut oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that work in harmony to nourish both your scalp and hair, enhancing overall health. By simply allowing this luxurious formula to envelop your hair, you’ll witness a softening effect that adds a dazzling shine to your strands. It’s nature’s remedy for dull, lackluster hair.

This hair mask specially crafted to restore the health and radiance of your hair, regardless of its current condition. The innovative combination of heat and potent active ingredients elevates absorption, locking in essential hydration within your hair cuticles. This allows the carefully curated nutrients to work their magic, revitalizing your hair from the inside out.

Also, the ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask doesn’t just stop at repairing – it goes deeper. This hair rescue marvel infuses your parched locks with long-lasting moisture, leaving them irresistibly silky-smooth, brilliantly shiny, and entirely frizz-free. The deep moisture it provides strengthens your hair, reducing the risk of breakage and further damage. It’s the hydration your hair has been longing for.

Say farewell to lackluster locks and welcome a new era of hair radiance and vitality with ELAIMEI™.

Product Ingredients:

  • Nut oil

Packed with fatty acids and nutrients, nut oil deeply hydrates and conditions dry, brittle hair, reducing breakage and improving hair strength and elasticity. Nut oil also adds a natural shine, making your hair strands look healthy and vibrant.

  • Glycerin

Glycerin has the amazing ability to attract and retain moisture to your hair, keeping both scalp and hair hydrated. This prevents dryness, flakiness, and itchiness on the scalp and reduces dandruff. This powerful hydrator also creates a protective barrier to your hair cuticle, reducing frizz and preventing damage from environmental factors.

  • Avocado

Avocado is chock-full of healthy fats and nutrients, including vitamins A, E, and D, that can nourish hair roots and strands. The natural oils in avocado deeply moisturizes that hair, making it softer and more manageable. Avocado also contains biotin, which can strengthen hair strands and promote hair growth.

  • Lemon

Lemon’s high vitamin C content can promote collagen production, contributing to stronger hair follicles and potentially reducing hair loss and damage. Lemon also contains limonene, which can repair and rejuvenate frizzy, dry, rough, and damaged hair. Additionally, this ingredient keeps greasiness at bay, but retains the shine and silkiness of your hair.

How to Use:

  • After washing the hair, apply the ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask on slightly wet hair and rub it all over the strands and scalp.
  • Keep the mask on for 15-30 minutes.
  • Remove the mask and rinse well.
  • Dry the hair as you normally would.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask

ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask
ELAIMEI™ Natural Repair Steam Hair Mask
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