Enhanced Automatic Spring Stick


Enhanced Automatic Spring Stick

If you’re looking for a very safe outdoor walking tool that’s easy to grip, you’ll love our automatic spring sticks that provide you with a sense of security.

Automatic pop-up with one click

The automatic spring self-defense stick has a one-button automatic ejection function, which refuses to be opened slowly and laboriously


Anti-slip handle

The design of the anti-slip handle for the handheld effectively increase friction, while the design of the anti-slip handle can also play a comfortable shock-absorbing effect, not easy to take off the hand.

Solid Inner Tube

Solid blow tube, thickened and thickened, strong and durable, can resist all hard objects, and is not afraid of any threats.


Alloy Steel Window Hammer

In the event of an emergency in the car, you can easily break the window to help you escape quickly.

How to use

To use, simply rotate open the safety latch, hold the handle with the stick end facing outward, and press the button.

You can use it while hiking or traveling outdoors, or use it in your car, its durable frame and compact design make it easy to carry and have a long service life.


  • When push comes to shove, you need a personal protection weapon in your hands that you can really count on if you’re under attack.
  • Selected alloy material for strength, toughness and corrosion resistance.
  • Small design, can be carried around, put away can be put in the bag, car.
  • Three sizes to choose from.16/21/26/” trekking poles


Product size. 16/21/26″

– Product weight: 255g/525g/650g

– Body material: alloy steel

Package Contents.

1 x Enhanced automatic retractable spring stick

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Enhanced Automatic Spring Stick
Enhanced Automatic Spring Stick
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