Espresso Machine With Grinder

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Espresso Machine With Grinder


Professional Espresso & Automatic Coffee Grinder

The perfect pair in one package.

This is a set that includes the BES920 espresso and the BCG820 coffee grinder, combining the advantages of both products.

The heart of the SAGE BES920 professional espresso machine is a heating system with two stainless steel water heaters.

A separate water heater for preparing espresso with an accuracy of +/- 1 °C and a separate water heater for steam generation, which ensures a constant delivery of steam in an instant. You can thus prepare espresso at the optimal temperature with maximum flavor and froth milk at the same time .

In addition, the brewing head is equipped with a heating element, which ensures that the temperature will not fluctuate throughout the system from the beginning to the end of coffee extraction.

Triple heating system – 2 stainless steel water heaters and an actively heated brewing head

2 separate water heaters for coffee preparation and steam generation for simultaneous milk frothing and coffee extraction

Commercially available 58 mm active heating brewing head with built-in heating element for constant temperature during the coffee extraction process

Electronic PID temperature control system with +/- 1 °C tolerance

Indoor equipment

Almost all professional coffee machines are fitted with a pressure relief valve as standard. the SAGE Professional Espresso BES920 is no exception. This fully commercially available element defines the maximum pressure during the entire extraction process. When the coffee in the filter burns, this prevents the possible bitter flavour of the coffee, which can occur due to the lack of an overpressure valve. The second function of the overpressure valve is the so-called low-pressure pre-vapourisation. Thanks to this function, the pressure is gradually increased and evenly distributed over the surface of the coffee in the filter to ensure maximum uniform extraction of the coffee.

A perfect cup of coffee.

A perfect cup of coffee is the result of a perfect combination of inputs – freshly ground coffee, properly capped coffee, the right pressure, a pre-heated cup and, last but not least, water temperature. Temperature fluctuations during extraction can lead to foam loss and the resulting coffee loses its beautiful coffee colour within seconds.The SAGE BES920 Professional Espresso Machine is equipped with innovative temperature control technology throughout the extraction process. An electronic PID system records the temperature throughout the extraction time, compensating for temperature fluctuations and ensuring a stable temperature throughout the process.

special function

The SAGE BES920 is at the top of its class, thanks to specially designed functions. You can easily and quickly adjust the temperature of the extracted coffee, the pre-brewing pressure and the coffee extraction time. Fast heating, water filling before and after the water tank, programmable coffee dosage and clock settings, automatic start, possibility of descaling at home, RazorTM coffee alignment and correct measuring tool, etc., all this is just a small part of the features and functions that make it equipped with the professional espresso coffee BES920.

Adjustable grinding coarseness

Different types of coffee preparation also require different grind coarseness settings to achieve maximum aroma and flavour. The coffee grinder is equipped with 60 different grind coarseness settings, so you can choose the right setting for the type of coffee you are brewing.

Conical mills and intelligent dosage

The conical grinder features Smart Dosing technology, which automatically adjusts the dose of ground coffee every time you change the settings. Choose the desired coarseness and quantity for a variety of coffee preparation methods, from espresso machines to French press pots. The slower rotation speed of the conical grinder reduces heat transfer between the beans, which also ensures maximum flavour in your brewed coffee.

Setting the coarseness of grind also requires the correct setting of the grind time to ensure a constant dose of brewed coffee. You can do this with the Smart Dosing, which automatically adjusts the coffee dose according to the selected grind coarseness and set amount. In addition, you can adjust the pre-programmed amount of ground coffee as required by increasing or decreasing the grinding time in steps of 0.2 seconds.

Stainless Steel Containers
Stainless Steel Milk Froth Container

58mm brewing head
58 mm brewing head with built-in body to maintain optimum temperature during coffee extraction.

Razor TM Coffee Maker

Description and Function

  • Pressure regulation using an overpressure valve that defines the maximum pressure.
  • System for gradually increasing the pressure for uniform expansion and extraction of the coffee
  • Two independent pump systems for coffee preparation and steam generation
  • Safety thermal fuse to prevent overloading
  • 15 bar Italian pump
  • Immediate and continuous dispensing of steam or hot water
  • Programmable coffee extraction temperature range of 86 – 96 °C
  • Manual coffee volume setting
  • BCG 820
  • Option to adjust grinder settings
  • Unique grinding chamber minimises friction of the coffee beans before dosing
  • Illuminated LCD display for grinder settings, coffee batches/cups and personal settings
  • Coarseness of grind setting knob
  • 60 coarseness settings, from espresso to French Press


About this item.

The commercially available Sage Dual Boiler with 4 keys* delivers *Triple Wave* coffee at home; it features a professional dual boiler construction that provides unrivalled temperature control and simultaneous extraction and steaming.

Dose-controlled grinding: Use the right amount of ground coffee for a consistently balanced espresso; the 58 mm portable filter, 19-22 grams, is the key to creating full-flavoured and *triple-boiled* coffee.

Optimised water pressure: The overpressure valve limits the pump pressure throughout the extraction process to help prevent bitterness; the low-pressure pre-infusion gradually increases water pressure to gently expand the grind for an even extraction.

Precision Espresso Extraction: Dual stainless steel boiler and heating unit heads with digital temperature control (PID) allow the water to be precisely at the right temperature (+/- 1 ⁰C) to extract the maximum flavour potential every time.

Manual Microfoam Milk Texture: Steam wand performance allows you to use commercially available machines to make microfoam milk that enhances the flavour and is essential for creating latte art.

LCD Display: Allows for easy programming and features an Espresso Coffee Clock that displays shot length to guide you to consistent extractions.
Included accessories: 58mm razor dosing tool, 58mm stainless steel portable tongs, 1-cup and 2-cup single and double wall filter baskets, integrated tamper, 480ml stainless steel milk canister, cleaning kit, water hardness test strips, water filter holder and water filter

Settings: manual or automatic; single/double shot; personalised temperature

Warranty:2 years repair, replace or refund*;Power:2200W;Voltage:220-240V;Capacity:2.5 litre tank capacity

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Espresso Machine With Grinder
Espresso Machine With Grinder