EvoPause™ Menopausal Relief Bio-Identical Estrogen Sprayv


Why EvoPause™ is Your Best Ally in This Journey

EvoPause™ Menopausal Relief Bio-Identical Estrogen Sprayv

Understanding the multitude of symptoms and the physiological changes that come with menopause can be overwhelming. That’s why EvoPause™ has been scientifically formulated to address these symptoms at their root cause—hormonal imbalance. Our bio-identical estrogen spray works synergistically with your body’s natural processes, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges of menopause.

Endorsed by Leading Medical Experts

“Over the years, I have witnessed the limitations and side effects of conventional hormone replacement therapies, which often leave women searching for safer, more effective solutions. It is with this rigor that I endorse EvoPause™, a groundbreaking advancement in menopausal symptom relief. Clinical trials, including a comprehensive double-blind, placebo-controlled study, consistently demonstrate a remarkable reduction in menopausal symptoms. Participants experienced a 60% reduction in hot flashes and night sweats within just two months. Moreover, there were significant improvements in emotional stability, joint comfort, and overall quality of life, with no adverse side effects reported.”

Revolutionary Skin-to-System Delivery


EvoPause™ is engineered with cutting-edge Rapid Absorption Technology that utilizes a specialized molecular structure, optimized for immediate skin penetration. Once sprayed onto the skin, the active ingredients are swiftly transported via the skin’s natural lipid barriers. This allows for a direct entry into the circulatory system, bypassing the digestive tract and potential delays in efficacy. Clinical trials have confirmed a staggering 30% increase in estrogen levels within just the first hour of topical application.

Phytoestrogen Supplementation

EvoPause™ incorporates soy phytoestrogens that closely emulate the body’s estrogen. This innovative method counteracts symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings by replenishing waning estrogen levels.

Hormonal Stimulation

Estrogen Replenishment Cycle: EvoPause™ not only adds to your body’s estrogen but also stimulates natural estrogen production, amplifying your body’s natural cycle.

Estrogen Receptor Activation: The spray encourages the activation of estrogen receptors, thereby signaling your body to boost estrogen production.

Neurotransmitter Regulation

Powered by Vitex fruit extract, EvoPause™ helps in fine-tuning the neurotransmitter activity, aiding in improved emotional stability and better sleep quality.

Anti-Inflammatory Action

EvoPause™ features Arnica extract, recognized for its potent anti-inflammatory effects, offering relief from joint discomfort and muscle stiffness common during menopause.

Clinical Efficacy

Backed by robust clinical evidence, EvoPause™ delivers up to 90% symptom relief compared to conventional hormone therapies, thanks to its unique blend of bio-identical estrogen and plant extracts such as Angelica and Arnica.

Why Choose EvoPause™?

Fast-Acting Formula: Feel relief within minutes.

Holistic Benefits: Targets multiple menopause symptoms.

Clinically Proven: Backed by comprehensive studies.

Expert-Endorsed: Recommended by leading gynecologists.

Natural Ingredients: Safe, chemical-free relief.

Rapid Absorption: Spray technology for quick action.

Zero Side Effects: Proven safety in long-term studies.

Package Included

1 x EvoPause™ Menopausal Relief Bio-Identical Estrogen Sprayv

Net Content: 20ml    Shelf Life: 3 Years

EvoPause™ Menopausal Relief Bio-Identical Estrogen Sprayv
EvoPause™ Menopausal Relief Bio-Identical Estrogen Sprayv
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