(Father’s Day Sale – 40% OFF)Retractable Window Roller Sunshade For Car/Room 🎁 Great Gift For Father!


Reduce UV sunlight into your room, make comfortable environment.

Also, perfect for car window, protect car sofa and facility.


  • Sun protection: The car window sun shade can block more than 97% of ultraviolet rays. This protects your baby and pengers from skin irritation and glare sunlight. This car sun shade also helps to keep your car cool.

  • High quality and durable: They are durable made of high-quality mesh plastic. They do not decompose in the heat of the sun.
  • Wide range of uses: The parasol can be used not only in cars, but also in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. So you don’t have to worry about dazzling sunlight will keep your concentrated work.
  • Privacy screen: The window sun shade creates privacy for the seat pengers. Car hood can reduce sun glare and heat, while you can still see from the outside while driving to ensure that your vision is not blurred, but it is difficult to see the inside of the car from the outside. If you need a moment of privacy, this side window blind is the best choice for worry- driving.
  • Easy to install and remove: The sun shade can be assembled and folded in a few seconds. Rubber suction cups can hold the car sun shade firmly on the window. Pull the rope to adjust the sun protection area.


Size 40*60cm / 15.74*23.62”
50*125cm / 19.68*49.21”
Vehicle Service Type Passenger Car, Truck
Material Plastic
Closure Type Retractable

Client feedback

“ Its a great product to protect from sunlight in hot weather. It hooks up to the window glass with the suction cups and is very easy to use. To roll it down you just pull it downward and to roll it back up you just press the button and it automatically goes up. Overall its a great product to protect from heat and for privacy! ”

— Elaine Eppler.

“These sun shades stretch to fit both the front doors and larger back doors on my car. Thanks to the Velcro attachment system, they stay in place while driving, and they offer great protection from the sun’s rays! Considering a second set for all of our windows!!”

— Audrey Trombley.

“ Just as described. It brings two window sunshades with multiples suction cups so you could either place the shades in the window with them or just place the sunshades with the little hook that’s attacked on it. So you have two ways of using it!!🙌 ”

— Patsy Roark

“These shades are easy all around! Easy to install, easy to pull and release, easy to attach to suction cups or Velcro options, and an easy option for keeping your little one safe from the sun!”

— Georgia Seitz.

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(Father's Day Sale - 40% OFF)Retractable Window Roller Sunshade For Car/Room 🎁 Great Gift For Father!
(Father’s Day Sale – 40% OFF)Retractable Window Roller Sunshade For Car/Room 🎁 Great Gift For Father!
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