flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub


flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub is an exfoliating cream designed to effectively treat varicose veins. It gently but effectively heals the discomfort caused by varicose veins. The unique formula of this exfoliating cream is enriched with carefully selected ingredients that help to soothe the blood vessels and address the problems caused by dilated blood vessels. It helps to improve the condition of the affected areas and promotes comfortable and healthy skin.

The unique formulation of flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub introduces natural plant-based collagen and horse chestnut extract, creating a clever combination aimed at promoting skin health and vascular elasticity. Plant-based collagen gently nourishes and maintains the fundamental structure of the skin, providing beneficial support for the health of blood vessel walls. Horse chestnut extract, due to its antioxidative and astringent properties, offers protection to vascular tissues, guarding against external environmental stressors and pressures. Simultaneously, it aids in constricting blood vessels, reducing the accumulation of blood within them. This dual action contributes to enhancing the stability of blood vessel walls, diminishing the impact of varicose veins on the skin.

flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub employs a gentle exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells and aging keratin layers, stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process and allowing new cells to surface. When using the product, the gentle massage stimulates blood circulation. This process provides skin cells with increased oxygen and nutrients, facilitating the elimination of metabolic waste and maintaining the skin’s equilibrium.

The flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub blends soothing and moisturizing ingredients, making it an exceptional skincare hydration product. This body scrub refines and softens the appearance of the skin’s surface, reducing moisture loss and promoting hydration. Enriched with glycerin and other moisturizing agents, it replenishes the skin’s moisture, maintaining its hydration levels and preventing skin dryness.

flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub has the following product:

Usage Directions

  • 1. Wet the area you want to treat.
  • 2. Apply the flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub and gently massage in circular motions.
  • 3. Rinse off and moisturize. Use regularly for optimal results.
  • 1 x flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub

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flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub
flysmus™ Vein Soothing Scrub
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