FootLaundry™ – Wash Bag For Shoes

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Instantly Clean The Dirty Shoes Without Any Effort In Just 2 Minutes!

Achieve The Out-Of-The-Box Shoe Look In Minutes

The 1000 fibers inside the FootLaundry Wash Bag ensure a thorough cleaning without water leaking or shoe damage. The design guarantees no loud noise is made during the process of cleaning. Place your shoes inside, zip them, and let the washing machine do the work.

Revolutionary Design, No Damage, Color Fading Or Deformation

Besides making your shoes look like they were just bought, the FootLaundry Wash Bag also protects them from all common issues that can happen in the washing machine, such as squashing, color fading or even stretching. The soft bristles will protect your shoes through the whole cleaning process

“This washing bag has made cleaning a breeze. It’s so easy to use and delivers amazing results every single time!” – Lara D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Designed To Fit All Type Of Shoes

Perfect for everything from athletic sneakers to everyday wear and kids’ footwear, simply place them inside, add your chosen cleaner, and select the gentle cycle on your machine. This effortless method ensures all your shoes stay in top-notch condition, eliminating concerns over size or style compatibility.

10,446+ Satisfied People All Over The World

We Surveyed Our Customers And This Is What We Discovered: 

98% Noticed perfectly cleaned shoes after the first use

96% Reported no damage or scratches after multiple uses

95% Said they ordered another FootLaundry Wash Bag for their friends

* Results gathered based on over 10,000 post-purchase surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it remove mud too?

The design of the fibers is created to clean every part of the shoe. We can confidently say that your shoes will come out of the washing machine the same as you bought them the first time.

  • Can I also use it in the drying machine?

Yes, feel free to use it in both washing and drying machines.

  • Can I put both shoes inside?

Yes, you can easily place 2 shoes inside and clean them both at the same time.


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FootLaundry™ - Wash Bag For Shoes
FootLaundry™ – Wash Bag For Shoes
Original price was: $39.98.Current price is: $19.99. Select options