FreshPawsᵀᴹ Smart Deodorizer


Fed Up With Lingering Litter Box Smell?

Supercharge the removal of unpleasant odors, safely. Just stick it to wall and power on. Zero Chemicals + Speedy Recharging. Batteries and Filter Free. Forever!

Fast Acting Odor Control

Smart lons (Secret Sauce)

Negative ions attach themselves to odor and dust particles. Neutralizing odor-makers. Turning dirty air into Clean Air.


Enjoy a home free from allergens, bacteria and other icky stuff. 100% Nontoxic,Chemical-free.

Easy On/Off

Even a cat could operate this thing (okay, maybe not, but you
get the idea). Just press the button, and you’re Good To Go!

24/7 Odor Control

Intelligent BioSensing means FreshPaws does the work for you, tackling those unwanted smells 24/7.

FreshPaws Odor Fighter – Your Cat’s New Best Friend


A single USB charge gives you non-stop action for up to 2 weeks.

Hear From Happy Cats (and Their Humans!) Who Love the Fresh Paws Smart Deodorizer

“Huge fan! Bought one and loved it so much I bought my mom one too for her house. Looking to buy another for my upstairs 😻😻” – Tabetha M.

“Wow this really works! The kitty box is in the bathroom without ventilation and tends to get smelly, we put the purifier up and the musty smell is gone! Love it and will be ordering more.” – Maycee K.

Product information

Efficacy: Deodorant

Specifications: 4000mAh charging model

Charging method: USB

Packing list:

Pet deodorizer*1

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FreshPawsᵀᴹ Smart Deodorizer
FreshPawsᵀᴹ Smart Deodorizer
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