FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles


Durable and ecologically safe, FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles are your uncomplicated and economical product for treating varicose veins and edema!

Let’s Hear it from Our Satisfied Customers

FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles

“For the past three years, I have been struggling with worsening varicose veins on my feet. Despite trying various treatments, the condition only continued to deteriorate, making it difficult for me to walk and stand normally. Fortunately, my vascular surgeon recommended me FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles. To my delight, it worked exceptionally well. From the very first day of using it, I noticed the pain and weakness subsiding, and I experienced a profound sense of relaxation and relief, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. After two weeks of consistent use, not only did the swelling of my blood vessels decrease significantly, but I also found that I could endure long walks for up to half an hour without discomfort.” – Jessica Knowles

“I’m grateful, because FrostFeet™ helped me with my edema! I constantly felt uncomfortable since my swollen legs stopped me from wearing my favorite shorts and shoes, which made me tremendously irritated. But since I started wearing these ice silk insoles, I have noticed an improvement in the mobility of my feet and a general sensation of ease and relaxation throughout my body. When I wear these insoles every day, I feel the therapeutic benefits on my legs and feet. This product not only helped me with my swollen legs, but also to improved my tense joints.” – Elsa Valenzuela

Why are the feet important?

According to recent data and study, nearly 65% of the population in the United States and Europe face foot ailments. With aging and insufficient footwear support, a rising number of persons are confronting concerns connected to foot disorders. These disorders may include varicose veins, edema, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and other diseases connected with blood circulation and joint functioning.

FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles

The feet are a crucial component of the venous system and require correct care to avoid and manage diseases such as varicose veins, lymphedema, and venous insufficiency. When the veins in the foot become weaker and blood circulation is hindered, it can lead to fluid collection and pooling of blood in the lower legs, resulting in edema, varicose veins, nerve issues, and more. Over time, these diseases can develop and lead to consequences such as lymphatic fibrosis, ulceration, limited mobility, and even an increased risk of amputation. Therefore, it is vital to give adequate care for the foot to manage these difficulties successfully.

How FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles get to the root of the problem

According to Dr. Melissa Kins, M.D., Phlebologist, they have proved that FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles are the ideal choice for treating lower extremity venous and joint issues. They discharge negative ions and emit far-infrared radiation, both of which are recognized by the medical profession to be significant instruments for promoting general health. By stimulating vasodilation and eliminating pollutants from the joints, far infrared treatment promotes blood circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body. By successfully boosting blood and lymphatic circulation, FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles assist to prevent lymphedema, inflammation, and reduce the buildup of fluid and fat in the body. They are unique in their capacity to create energy without relying on an external power source, making them a simple and ecological answer to your foot care requirements.

FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles

Absinthe-soaked foot pads are attached around the tourmaline by a unique procedure, which can Cypress Ketone and negative ions. Far infrared treatment mixed with absinthe therapy can help you ease pain in different places of your body, relax muscles in different parts, and relieve inflammation. Over time, it has been discovered to prevent and cure inflammation, cellulite, shutdown pain, edema, varicose veins, and other health concerns. It can even pre-empt arches, bunions, and more.

The center layer of the insole includes tourmaline (a precious natural mineral), which stimulates the blood vessels in the toes and feet through acupressure, improving blood circulation, lowering hunger, and calming the body. It is cleverly developed to give foot comfort in any scenario. It eliminates foot pressure and gives cooler comfort compared to ordinary insoles.

FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles

Detoxify and Quickly Shape Your Body

FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles can also help you with losing weight, even if you don’t exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet with 80% far infrared therapy to help you reach your ideal weight! These foot insoles help increase your metabolism, detoxify your body and eliminate accumulated cellulite and edema. It also helps you shape up quickly, making your knees stronger and your feet more relaxed.

What makes FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles the perfect solution?

  • 100% Doctor recommended
  • Eliminates varicose veins and edema
  • Reduces internal waste and excess fat, slims the body
  • Speeds up metabolism and solves lymphatic problems
  • Significantly improves overall blood circulation
  • Reduces body fatigue and chronic inflammation
  • Strengthens the immune system

Let’s take a look at Hector’s Varicose Veins-Free Journey with the Help of  FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles


FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles

“I have been suffering from varicose veins for more than a year now. It made my everyday living hard. I tried different ways to get it removed but they always come back after treatment. My second doctor, recommended me to try FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles to see if it will have any good effects on me. My first week of using it, my varicose veins weren’t that noticeable already! It also drained excess fluids in my body, making me look more fit and healthy. I’ll definitely continue on using it!”


FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles

“I’ll admit that I once had my doubts about this product. I questioned the usefulness of the insoles despite the affordable pricing and comfy design. Boy, was I completely mistaken! It has been a lifesaver after weeks of use! My varicose veins disappeared as soon as I started using them frequently! My legs’ edema is also gone! I no longer suffer any of the lingering agony I experienced to when I had varicose veins. My varicose veins are no longer present, and I can now lead an active lifestyle once again because to the FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles.”

Package Includes: 1/2/4/6 Pairs FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles

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FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles
FrostFeet™ Plant Care Ice Silk Insoles
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