Furzero™Anti-fungal Nail Spray


Furzero™Anti-fungal Nail Spray

Furzero™ Nail Fungus Foot Spray promises to completely eliminate the symptoms of fungal infections of grey nails fungus pediculosis in as little as 2 weeks!

Recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists, this medical grade anti-fungal foot spray is made with 100% high quality natural medical grade ingredients!

Furzero™ Medical Grade Nail Fungus Foot Strengthening Spray is a scientifically proven, fast-acting solution for bacterial foot disorders. It has a 99% efficacy approval rating and is formulated to target a variety of foot problems for optimal foot health. It kills bacteria, yeast and mold on contact, provides immediate relief and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in less than 1 minute. The spray helps maintain the skin’s pH balance and lasts for 7 days. Spray contains all natural ingredients that are safe to use and promote healing of dry, brittle nails and damaged skin. Effective treatment for fungal infections, grey nails, nail infections, athlete’s foot and bad odor.

Furzero™Anti-fungal Nail Spray has the following product features:

  • Package: 1 x Furzero™Anti-fungal Nail Spray

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Furzero™Anti-fungal Nail Spray
Furzero™Anti-fungal Nail Spray
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