GFOUK™ Adsorption Purification Patch


In either case, there is nothing we can do to control these behaviors. Now there is a great solution – GFOUK™ Adsorption Purification Patch – which prevents you from being forced to inhale third-hand smoke residue on your clothing and from being exposed to the harmful effects of third-hand smoke on your body.

As a respiratory physician, I highly recommend this innovative product – GFOUK™ Adsorption Purification Patch, which captures and adsorbs third-hand smoke residue on clothing, effectively reducing our risk of exposure to these harmful substances. Third-hand smoke is a serious health risk, especially to the respiratory system. Prolonged exposure to third-hand smoke can lead to respiratory infections, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases. GFOUK™ Adsorption Purification Patch reduces the risk of exposure to third-hand smoke through its highly effective adsorption technology.

The surface of the GFOUK™ Adsorption Purification Patch uses nanofiber technology to create a highly porous structure that dramatically increases the adsorption surface area. This layer of fiber structure helps to capture tiny particles of third-hand smoke, ensuring efficient adsorption.

The outer layer of the GFOUK™ Adsorption Purification Patch features a micro-encapsulated scent layer. As the garment moves, these micro-encapsulates release a natural scent that not only provides long-lasting freshness, but also protects against potentially harmful substances and germs, ensuring a cleaner and healthier wearing environment.

GFOUK™Adsorption Purification Patch has the following product features:

  • Package: 1 x GFOUK™Adsorption Purification Patch

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GFOUK™ Adsorption Purification Patch
GFOUK™ Adsorption Purification Patch
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